Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Challenge Group!

Oh my gosh! Six weeks from Sunday Jerry flies home after being gone for almost a year! I can hardly believe it’s here already.
And are you ready for this? 9 weeks from Wednesday is our 20th anniversary! Where has the time gone? I’ll tell you where, on my waist. ;-)
No seriously, I want to be in the best shape I can possibly be in by the time he comes home and I know I can get there with a little bit of help from my Shakeology, workouts, and my friends (that means YOU!).

I am looking for accountability partners that are interested in joining a Challenge group with me starting next Wednesday. I’ll create a secret group on Facebook where you have to check in each day, with the daily challenges, and what you are doing for exercise and eating. I’ll help you come up with a meal and shopping plan for each week, and exercise ideas.

To make it a little bit more fun and challenging I will offer a prize to the person with the biggest % of weight-loss between May 13th and June 14th.

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Can I just say that I can not wait to order this? 

Shaun T going back to his roots and bringing the dance back to exercise with ‪#‎Cize‬ It looks like a ton of fun, and a ton of calories burned. My favorite part is that it's at home so none of those "zumba queens" judging when I mess up the moves! If you go to: CIZE and sign up for more information as the release gets closer you are entered in a chance to win the #Cize kit for free.

Friday, April 03, 2015

That awesome moment when you buy your size in a swim suit and its not your size any more because your shrinking daily! I love life's little surprises and thank goodness all this work is paying off! Im looking to help some people get a nice surpass when they buy their next swimsuit. Comment "summer ready" if you want more info on my next challenge group.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Kelsey's 60 day results

I am going to brag on my oldest here for a minute. She started Max 30 with me the second week of January. She has lost 14.5 inches! I am so proud of her!

Thursday, March 19, 2015


I finally did it! 
I finally Maxed Out! 

30 minutes of nonstop Shaun T kicking my ass, but I did it. 

Kelsey may have done it first by maxing out on Tuesday, but now I can say I did it too!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Oh Happy Day!!!

 Today was a happy day in our household!

Magnet school acceptance letters were released this evening!

And this kid, well this was his reaction to his:
Declan will be going to the ZooBots Magnet program at Longleaf Middle School next year!
 He is extremely happy as you can see. This was the only program that he applied to, as it was the only one that interested him other than other program at Longleaf, which is LEAP and is a whole school magnet. 
Since we are zoned for Longleaf he would have gotten into that one regardless, but he really really wanted ZooBots. 
 From the school's website: The ZooBot magnet program provides opportunities for students to explore the natural world, develop an appreciation and respect for living things and the environment, and make a difference for future generations.

Amazing news number 2:
  Kelsey Marie Henderson has been working her tail off on Insanity Max 30 for the last 2 months or so. Tonight on Tabata Power? She MAXED OUT! This is a HUGE DEAL! I have yet to MAX out on any of the workouts. I am so proud of her.

Lisa and I did Tabata Power this afternoon after school. We didn't make it quite as far as Kelsey, but man we tried! 24:16 isn't bad at all! 

After I got home and made dinner I went on a 4 mile walk, hitting my step goal of 20,000 steps for the second night in a row. I had been doing really well about hitting my goal every day, right up until I got sick with the stomach flu. Then I felt like I had no energy for the last two weeks. But now I am getting back on track, I am aiming for 21 days in a row of 20,000 steps to make it a habit. 

Kelsey and I are looking for people who want to love the body they have now and work for the body they want. Drop your favorite emoji in the comments if you want me to message you.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Whew what a busy couple of days!

 It has been a busy couple of days, so now I am playing catch up!

First up is my "I am jealous of all of my Rock-n-Roll half marathoner friends who are running in DC" face.

I was jealous something fierce on Friday. 

Then I learned that the weather there was just as bad as the weather here on Saturday. I didn't feel quite as jealous after that!

A fellow runner/walker on Facebook mentioned how if you duct tape your shoes they stay a dry. I figured with the rain in the forecast for yesterday, why not? It works, BTW!

My amazing coach, Kimberly, and I running the Get to the Green 10K. She snapped this picture as she lapped us. 
Confession time! Lisa and I were late getting to the start line due to the weather and traffic. So we only did the 5K. I made up for the other 5K later though. 

Kimberly and I post race! I am forever grateful to the Wear Blue: Run to Remember organization for introducing me to this wonderful lady! She waited on the killer hill last weekend during the half to cheer me on, and this weekend was going to wait at the start line until we got there, but I am glad she started on time. 

For those of you that were spacing out yesterday... Yesterday was the only time in our lifetimes that the perfect Pi day was going to happen. 
March 14, 2015 at 9:26 a.m. 
Declan's ELA teacher did an entire lesson based on it. 
So we bought Key Lime pie and took it to Lisa's house to share with her kids. 

Tomorrow I am taking my workout gear and my Max 30 Cardio Challenge DVD to school. We are going to get our workout on while the kids have clubs! 

Thursday, March 12, 2015


Just feeling blah here tonight. 

Frustrated and tired. 

I had a presentation at work today. I hate talking to adults. Give me little people and I can talk my head off, but a room full of adults? YUCK. But I did it. 

 I got my workout in. Tabata Strength, Max out at 17:21. But I'm not back to wear I was before I got sick, and it's frustrating me.

I think I just need sleep, so that's my plan for tonight, an early night.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

What's your passion?

Everyone has a passion. There is something that you do something in your life for. 
You may not call it, your passion, but I am pretty sure when you stop to think about it, you have at least one.
Over the last few years my passion has become walking/running. 

I started walking/running because I wanted to participate in the Pat's Run shadow run in Atlanta a few years ago and didn't want to embarrass myself by not being able to go the 4.2 miles. I was one of the last to finish but I did it. 

Now I run with the Wear Blue Run to Remember group honoring Pat's memory and the memory of Elieso Felix who I went to church with growing up and who was KIA in Desert Storm. When I get frustrated or tired I remind myself of them and the fact that they gave all so that we can be free. 
I also run with Team RWB who works towards enriching the lives of Veterans. 

Both groups are pretty darn amazing and doing amazing work, and I am really glad that I found them, and can be a member. 

My passion is for spreading the word about Wear Blue and Team RWB. 

I've been developing another passion in the last six months. 

I've developed a passion for getting fit, for loosing this weight and becoming a healthier person. 

Working out with first PiYo, then 21 Day Fix, and now Insanity Max 30 have made me stronger, and leaner. I love the results that I am getting.

If I can share this new passion with someone then that is great. If it's not for them, that's fine too.  

Crazy faces in my pictures and all

But this is my passion, and I am not going to let someone take it away from me. 

If you don't like the person I am becoming, then it's your problem not mine. 

If you want to learn more about what I am doing to become fit? 

Ask, I'll be glad to talk to you about it. 

But don't judge. 

Don't talk to me about not spending time with my kids. I promise you it's not taking any more time away from my kids than it does for you to check your email, or play Candy Crush. 

Don't talk down to me about the money you think I am spending. Ask me about how to afford it for yourself, and I'll tell you where the savings for me and my family has come in. I promise there are ways. It took me a few months to see that I wasn't really out anything, but now that I do? Yeah I'm good.

Don't talk to me about injuries that could happen. Those same injuries that you say you know someone got from doing one of these workouts? 

I've heard all about them. 

It's why you follow doctor's advice. 

It's why I started with PiYo and got my strength up. 

It's why I do the modifiers on Max 30 (the separate modifier version of the workouts is part of the reason why I like it so much!) If you can't do the workout, then it's not for you, that's fine, but don't tell me what I can't do. You're not me. 

If you're reading this and your thinking "Hey if Patty can do it so can I!" and you want to know more, then ask. If not then thanks for sticking it out and reading this....

I'm going to share my journey, I am going to keep on sharing it until I'm done... because this is my space, my place, and this place holds me accountable, if only to myself. 

It's my passion...

Monday, March 09, 2015

Ouch! But GOOD NEWS!

My quads are screaming at me still after those hills on Saturday! So I went into my Max Cardio Fit Test like this:

But I finished like this:
Not as good of a max out time as I would have liked, but I pushed play and I tried!

OH MY GOSH! I knew I had a PR on Saturday, but the official times came out today... and instead of the 30 seconds or so that I thought I had?!? Try over 1 min 30 seconds! BOOM! Totally had to share here. 

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Run Hard Half Marathon DONE!

Oh the hills, and hills, and hills! But you know what? We did it!
See that up there? That's the elevation map that my Garmin made while I was running. Holy Hills! Thank goodness my friends Nancy and Kim were cheering us on about mile 11. I am not sure why but mile 11 always seems to be my wall. 

My overall average pace was a little slower than I would have liked (I aim for under 14 minute miles) but considering the hills, I am not complaining. 
Kim took this picture of Lisa and I attacking the hill. I was so happy to see them, and extra happy to get this picture on my time line this morning. :-) 

There is no better feeling after a race than seeing this pop up on your Garmin. Fastest HALF means Personal Record! ;-) I know that there are people who ran the full yesterday in less time than it took me to do the half. But you know what? I don't care I am getting faster each and every time I do one and that is all I care about. 

Lisa and I post race. 

Backwards look at our medals. ;-) Stairs hurt today or I'd go take a regular picture for you all. 

The wonderful Team RWB group of runners from yesterday. At least 4 of these wonderful people ran the full. And then some of us went out to dinner last night to celebrate. 

Friday, March 06, 2015

Day Sixty One Results

OK this is a little scary, but I've been sharing all along so I might as well share this. Here it is, my day sixty-one weigh in. Not quite as good as my other weigh ins, but not too bad considering I didn't do a Max 30 workout in 12 days, and hadn't met my step goal in 10 days. 
Total weight loss in 61 days 11 pounds. Plus 5 inches. 
I'm pretty proud of myself and my hard work and it is paying off! 
I can't wait to see what the next 54 days have in store (since I'm on day 4 of round two, and didn't really complete round one).
I'm going to start a challenge group on Facebook if anyone is interested in starting this journey with me, just send me a message. 

I went downtown tonight to pick up my race packet for tomorrow's half marathon and then went and had appetizers with Stefanie. There was a beautiful sunset. The colors were amazing.

Flat Patty is ready to run tomorrow! If you are in the Columbia area come downtown about 10-10:30 and cheer us onto the finish! ;-) We might be slow but we get the job done! 

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Well fiddlesticks

So I know I said progress pictures today....

Well I fibbed! :( I didn't know I was fibbing at the time I did it though. It's just that I overslept today. Only by about 5 minutes but that was enough to make me stressed out, which in turn made me forget that I was supposed to weigh in and do my measurements and pictures to send to my coach. I literally remembered when I was on Post going to work. Not a good time to remember, let me tell you!

So I will do them tomorrow and they will just be day 61 results rather than day 60. Life happens....

Today was Tabata Strength, which is month one of Max 30, day 4. Honestly this is one of my favorite workouts during month one. I am not sure why, it just is. Normally I would have pushed further than minute 9 (because let's face it 8:59 is 9) but with the half marathon on Saturday I figured it was better to stop and not be sore going into that.

Then the exciting news for the day was my email with this pretty picture in it! #runCMM is coming and I can't wait to earn this bad boy! Isn't it pretty?

I promise I will share my progress pictures tomorrow. Cross your fingers for me!

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

I forgot

I forgot how hard Shaun T's Max 30 Sweat was in month one! Can I just say I was happy to make it to minute 8?

Tomorrow is day 60 of my challenge group and our last weigh in/measurement day. I am sad to see it come to an end, as they have all kept me motivated to work out each day and to eat right. I'll share my progress photos and scale photos tomorrow night, as long as everyone promises to remember that I took a week off when I was sick. :-) 

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Knocking out another Round...

Slowly but surly I am feeling better after last week's stomach flu. With having over a week off due to traveling to WDW and then being sick, I decided to stop Month 2 of Insanity Max 30 a week early and go back to Month 1. The normal rule of thumb is the second round concentrate on form, so that is what I'm doing. Shaun T is still kicking my ass though!

So without further ado: Round 2, Week 1 Day 2 Tabata Power: I Maxed Out at 11:54. I was a hot sweaty mess when I was done!

Thursday morning is the last weigh in day of my 60 day challenge group. I am hoping that evening to be sharing an impressive scale picture, even though I had the week off. Have I mentioned lately how happy I am that I made the decision to purchase this program and challenge pack? It has made such a difference in my energy and fitness levels.  

Tomorrow at school is sports jersey day for Read Across America week. So you all know I am going to be representing my kid Queze! Borrowing Declan's jersey and hat to make the outfit complete. Maybe I'll buy myself a jersey this coming season. ;-) 

Monday, March 02, 2015

Starting again....

I wont say starting over, because I'm not really. I am starting again. After being sick for a week I decided that instead of doing the last week of month 2 of Insanity Max 30, I would start over with month 1 week 1. So for Round 2 Month 1 Week 1 Day 1 Cardio Challenge I Maxed out at 8:53

I love this program! And Beachbody just announced that if you are a paid Team Beachbody paid member the videos are now on-demand. Depending on which workouts you are doing, you don't have to haul your dvds on vacation or work trips any more! If you are a member you now have access to all of the programs. This is still in the beta stage so there will be kinks but from what I have seen so far, it's great. 

All you have to do to get a month free of the Team Beachbody is buy a challenge pack  with one of the workout programs (I recommend PiYo as a great starting place) and Shakeology on home direct. Then after that it's billed every 3 months. 

Questions? Ask! I promise I wont pester you about ordering anything, but I would love for you to join me on this journey. 

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Exercise, clean eating, accountability group

The month of traveling and then being sick this last week have done my miles in. frown emoticon I have 83 miles for the month, instead of the 125 I planned. I haven't hit my Fitbit goal since last Saturday. And I am starting over on my Insanity Max: 30 on Monday morning with week 1 because by then it will have been 15 days since I last did a Shaun T work out. I'm still on target for my weight loss goals probably because I haven't really eaten since we left Florida. wink emoticon
If anyone is interested I'll create an accountability/cheerleading group here on Facebook where we can all share our step goals, workouts, eating habits, meal ideas, frustrations etc without any pressure. Just let me know if you would like to join and I'll create it as a secret group so that the only people who can see what we post are the people in the group.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Last couple of hours to order at the sale price

This month Beachbody released the 21 Day Fix Extreme

I have seen some people get amazing results with this challenge pack and wanted to let everyone know that until midnight the challenge pack is on sale. 

Kick-start your transformation—inside and out!
In today's world, results can't come fast enough—unless you Kickstart them! This triple-threat gives you everything you need for an accelerated, total-body makeover.
Begin with the 3-Day Refresh® to finally break the cycle of bad eating habits and jump-start your weight loss. Then, make sure you keep on drinking Shakeology long after the three days are over. That way, you can keep losing weight and fuel up with the energy you'll need to take on 21 Day Fix EXTREME's body-shredding workouts and extreme Eating Plan.
Used together, this three-way nutritional and fitness powerhouse will put you on the fast track to getting the hardbody you've always wanted—and help you complete your incredible transformation!
Here’s all you’ll get:
  • 3-Day Refresh Kit to kick-start your weight loss, break the cycle of unhealthy eating, and lose a few pounds fast.
  • Your first 30-day supply of Shakeology—the superfood shake that supports continued weight loss, and can reduce cravings, give you the energy you need to complete your 21 Day Fix EXTREME workouts, and help maintain your results long after you've finished the program.*
  • 21 Day Fix EXTREME Workout Program to help get you seriously shredded in the shortest time possible.
  • A FREE 30-day VIP trial membership in the Team Beachbody® Club, where you'll find all the support you'll need to complete your Challenge.**
  • Plus Super Discount shipping (and SAVE OVER $12) every month
Go to: https://www.teambeachbody.com/checkout/-/bbcheckout/challengepack?referringRepId=565432 I promise it is worth every penny! 

Cheering on the Princesses!

My friend from Lakenheath Eileen ran the Princess Half on Sunday, so I signed up for her runner alerts and went down to the end of the Shades of Green driveway to cheer for her. That was a great experience and I am glad that I did it.

This is the only picture I took of the runners as they went by. The male Princess is in a running group I am in on Facebook. :-) 

I can't believe that Eileen found me on the side of the road cheering. Admittedly she knew where I would be, but there were quite a few of us out there. :-) 

The most amazing part though is that Liz saw me! Liz and I are in a Beachbody challenge group on Facebook with our coaches. She saw me, called out my name then she and her sister stopped for a picture. :-) We had never met in person until that moment. Pretty awesome! 

 I have to say that I was worried about people running in the grass. A lot of people were in the grass right before and after the balloon ladies because the road was narrow where I was standing. The problem was that right there the grass had HUGE holes in it, so I was waving my arms and telling them to watch for the holes a LOT. One of the balloon ladies suggested I steal a cone to put in them, which I did. 
I stayed out there until the last runner was being put on the sweeper bus by the medics, and then I cleaned up my little area of space. I promise only one of those cups was mine!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Enchanted 10K

Ah yes the Enchanted 10K, my first RunDisney event, one that I had been waiting patiently since July for. 
Did it live up to my expectations? 
Hum... In some ways yes, and other ways no.

The kids and I left after I got home from work on Thursday evening, arriving at Walt Disney World about 11:30 p.m. We stayed at Shades of Green, the military based resort on property. Great room, great price, we will be back. 

Friday morning we got up and got on the bus to the ticket and transportation center about the time the parks opened for the day where I got the kids settled with their passes and then went off to the expo.  

The expo was big, well staffed and not too crowded to pick up my packet, which I was thankful for. I didn't really like having to go to two separate buildings to get my bib and shirt/check bag. I felt like this was just asking for someone to loose their bib or check sticker. I did like that they had the characters out to meet and take pictures with. But I wish they would have had more than just two (more on that later.)

Cinderella loved my blue shoes... they are her favorite color. ;-) 

Saturday morning dawned really early. We had to be on the bus at 4 a.m. No big deal, that's not any different than the Rock-n-Roll races we do.  The bus was waiting right where they said it would be, and took us directly to the start line.

My Wear Blue Run to Remember Mickey outfit. I wanted blue or red white and blue Minnie ears but  could not find them at WDW. Declan wanted the Sorcerers hat on Friday, so I convinced him that I could borrow it to run in. I am proud to say that I was one of the only people in the race with that hat!   

Kristina, Stefanie and I before the race. Freezing cold, but smiling! No complaints about the cold, it could have been worse, but for Florida it was cold! ;-) 

Me, Rhonda, Stefanie and Kristina

Now it's confession time. I was not super impressed with this race (the Run Disney fanatics are flipping their lids over this comment!) There was supposed to be 12,000+ people running the race and they only had 5 corrals. That amounts to over 2,200 people in each corral. Which meant that it was impossible to run, especially since we were in the last corral. I logged over a 6.2 mile race because of all of the weaving we did to get around interval runners who would just suddenly stop running. I've been working hard on improving my times the last few months, and I could not run even if I had been willing to leave my partners in crime. I ran once out of the whole race, and that was to catch back up after making a pit stop, and trust me I weaved and dodged to make that happen.

 My other complaint is that the 16 minute per mile  time limit started as the last people in corral E (my corral) passed the starting line (balloon ladies). That meant those of us in that group had exactly 16 minutes per mile to finish, while the people in corral A had almost an hour head start, as they separated the starting times by almost 20 minutes. I don't care that I didn't get to get pictures on the route (well I do, but not enough to be mad about it, but I am really glad I didn't pay Marathon Photo for pictures in advance!). What aggravated me was the security people along the main road YELLING at people in line for the bathrooms that they had to hurry up because the balloon ladies were catching them and they were going to be swept. We were pushed into the corrals over 90 minutes before our start time, by the time we got to  the first set of portapotties it had been almost 2 hours since we had the opportunity to have gone to the rest room. The chance of being swept because you are in the last corral is stressful enough, you don't need the security people yelling at you as well. I know there were runners mad that said some mean things back to him, but if he had been polite in his choice of words and tone I think it would have been much better for everyone. Honestly the way he handled it, ruined the race for me, all I could hear the rest of the race (all 5 miles of it) was his voice saying that we were going to be swept.

I've started in the last corral more times than I can count, I'm a power walker more than a runner, and I know it! Heck I purposely start at the back of races when there isn't a corral system. Never have  worried about being swept like I did on Saturday. I know I can do a 14 minute mile steadily over a long run. I know that I can do a 12 minute mile steadily over a long run. So normally it is not a concern of mine, but Saturday I was seriously freaked out. Stressed out enough that when Stefanie just wanted to get her medal and get food we skipped the picture line. Stressed out enough that my finish line photos are awful, usually I have a look of joy when I cross that line. This time? Agony! And I wasn't in pain!  
Here we are finished for the day. We are all smiling because we are done with the crowds and the people. ;-) I want to register for Dopey and have the marathon be my first full, so I am going to work on getting my times lower so that I can have a good corral for those. I didn't submit a time for Enchanted because I didn't know it was going to make such a difference. Live and Learn!

Next race was supposed to be this weekend, just a 5k on Fort Jackson with Team RWB, but I have been down with the stomach flu since Monday night. I'm on doctors orders to be off work today, and quite honestly still don't have any energy, so no 5K for me. Praying that my energy returns by Monday so I can get a couple quality runs in before the 7th, as I have the Run Hard Columbia half on the 7th. I am excited for that one, even though I am dreading the Gervais Street hill!

 My miles for the month of February are no where near where they should be for the 2015 in 2015, but I have the rest of the year to catch up!