Monday, March 15, 2010

Please keep Brooklyn and Kate in your thoughts and prayers

Time seems to be zooming by lately, and every time I think I am going to post to the blog, life gets in the way. I only seem to make an effort when I am needing help in praying. I will try to do more posting in the near future, we start baseball this week with DJ so I should have more to write about! ;)
But for now, I am posting asking for all of the prayers and positive thoughts that you have to be sent to two very special and important families.
First of all is Brooklyn and her family. Brooklyn is in DJ's kindergarten class. Last month she had a severe asthma attack that landed her in the hospital and on a ventilator for 13 days, as well as earned her a trip to the big Children's Hospital in Alabama. Right now Brooklyn is in Atlanta undergoing physical therapy to help her overcome the difficulties that she incurred while on the ventilator. Please pray for her and her family, as this whole experience is very expensive and they are currently away from their older son, who is staying locally so he can attend school.
We are collecting soda can tabs for Brooklyn's family to help pay for the expenses that they have in conjunction with staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Atlanta. If you would like to donate any please contact me and I will tell you where to send them! Thanks!
The second family is my friend Kate's. Kate ( had a baby boy a week or so ago, then developed a bad infection that has caused her to have to undergo at least 3 surgeries to remove the infection, and has been sedated since. They are starting to wean her off the sedation to see how she does, but she still needs all of our prayers and thoughts! Please keep baby Isaac in your prayers as he is still in the hospital where Kate delivered him with jaundice. Please add Kate's husband Willem, older children Emily and Jacob, parents, sisters and friend Gretchen to your prayers to help them stay strong while waiting on Kate to heal and get home.
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