Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Friends of the Sheriff's Department Fundraiser

Sharon and I spent the evening last night making mailbox bows for the Friends of The Sherrif's office fundraiser for 4th of July. We knocked out about 16 in a couple of hours, and the more we worked the faster we became. The gentleman that showed Sharon how to make them said that they can make them in 3 minutes. I promise we are not that fast yet! lol
Mailbox bowsMailbox bowsMailbox bowsMailbox bowsMailbox bows
Please consider purchasing one for your mailbox to show your support of our sheriff's department and all of the military men and women out there! $10.00 each.
Mailbox bowsMailbox bows Proof that we hand tied all of these! :-) Please ignore the fact that I have no makeup on! I am usually the one behind the camera, but Sharon insisted that Bruce take a picture to prove I helped! ;)
Mailbox bows

By the way, my hands are sore now! :-)
Mailbox bowsMailbox bowsMailbox bows
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