Sunday, January 02, 2011

Dear WXGA-TV and its advertisers

Dear WGXA-TV Advertisers,

This has got to stop now! I want to continue to watch my local FOX and ABC channels on DISH Network but WGXA-TV has demanded an outrageous rate increase of 3 times what DISH Network is currently paying. They are even threatening to pull the channels from valuable customers, like myself, on Dec. 31st if DISH Network doesn't accept their demands. DISH Network has repeatedly attempted to reach a fair and reasonable deal with WGXA-TV but they seem unwilling to accept a deal or negotiate in good faith.

The demands made by WGXA-TV, including an outrageous rate increase, are absurd and unfair to hard-working Americans, and I am now asking you for help.

Please reach out to those at WGXA-TV who are refusing to negotiate in good faith and tell them that there has to be a limit to what they can demand in their contracts.

Let them know that we are frustrated by negotiation tactics that remove channels. Most importantly, help convince WGXA-TV that a fair deal should be reached so that I can continue to watch the shows I love and buy the products I enjoy.


DISH Network Customer
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