Monday, November 07, 2011

JES Fourth Grade Thankfulness Turkey

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I saw a similar idea to this on PinIntrest a few weeks ago, where for a first grade class each child had a sentence strip and they wrote what they were thankful for on there. I decided that we as fourth graders needed to do something similar, but as fourth graders we could write essays on what we are thankful for. I found a pattern of a turkey online, put it up on my promeathen board, traced it out, and then cut out 67 feathers.

Each of my students was given a feather on which they were to write an couple of paragraphs about what they are thankful for. This was a HUGE success, my kids loved doing it, and they love reading each other's writing as they are in line or going down the hallway.

Not that you can tell in this picture from my phone, but our turkey goes from my bulletin board almost all the way to the next door down. The feathers on the top go up as high as I can reach when standing on a chair, and the bottom ones almost touch the floor.  :-)  The little white pieces you can see on the feathers is where I did my commentary, with either meets standards, exceeds standards, or needs a little work to meet standards. I used computer labels to make them as I didn't want the commentary to be the focus of the project.
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