Sunday, September 23, 2012

Time to move again

As an Air Force Family, we have moved multiple times. From Arizona to Florida, then on to England, back to Florida and finally here to Georgia.

Now that Jerry is getting ready to retire we are getting prepared to move again.

This time however it is not for Jerry's career with the Air Force, it is in fact for my career and teaching.

Who would have thought after 17 years of marriage and moving where the Air Force sent us, now we would move for my job? A teaching job at that? :-)

I have had my application in with the Department of Defense Dependent Schools/Education Activity for a couple of years, which is a return to the system that I worked for when we were stationed in England. Never had a lead, never had a phone call, which was no big deal with Jerry still having a couple of years in the military.

This past spring they updated the application process and had some new requirements to go along with it. With Jerry's retirement pending, I knew it was a good time to make sure that I had everything squared away, and to take the jump into trying to get back into the system.

When the decision was made that Jerry would for sure retire in December, at first I was very upset, you know the child in college, and one 2 years out from going to college, this was a big life change that I wasn't quite sure about.

Little did I know at the time that this opportunity would come about!  That saying when a door closes, a window opens? It was so true in our case!

I have been offered and accepted the ESOL teaching position at Pierce Terrace Elementary School at Ft. Jackson South Carolina.

The school district here has accepted my resignation, effective on Thursday, and my first day at school in South Carolina will be on the first of October. I will be moving northeast on Saturday.

Jerry and the kids will remain here in Georgia until probably Christmas, and then will move up to South Carolina and join me. We want Natalie to be able to finish the semester here, plus have time to learn more about the area before we choose a house, neighborhood and a school district for the kids. Right now I have found a room to rent until that time.

While I will miss all of the friends that I have made here, as well my wonderful students and their families here, I know that this will be a wonderful move for our family.

I am looking forward to a great adventure that life has in store for us in Columbia, and am excited to get back into the DoDEA system.

Please keep us all in your thoughts and prayers for these couple of months apart (even though I will be coming back and they will be coming to visit, this is a new experience for me to be the one "gone" for an extended length of time), as well as that Jerry finds a good job in Columbia/Ft. Jackson/Shaw AFB.

Keep your eyes out here for our next adventures!

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