Friday, March 01, 2013

Please Email your legislative members!

Can I ask a favor of all of my friends?
Can you send the following email to your legislature members for me?
 Especially those of you who have or have had children that attend DoDEA schools. These furloughs that they are saying we are going to face are going to cut into the education of our military dependents, and as you are aware, some times school is the most dependable thing our kids have going for them (especially as we are still at war and deploying our military members).

The email is as follows, please feel free to change it if you need to.

As a constituent and an education proponent, I urge you to support classifying Department of Defense educators as "critical services" to ensure they are NOT furloughed if the contemplated sequester comes to pass.
Classifying DoD educators as "critical services" is consistent with past practice - the services they provide are indeed critical to the future of our nation.

Furloughing educators for even one day would do irreparable harm to the tens of thousands of military dependents who attend DoD schools.

Military dependents deserve better from the government their parents have pledged to protect - with their lives if necessary.

To ensure that DoD educators continue serving military dependents and their families without interruption, I urge you to support designating them as "critical services" exempt from any furloughs.

Thank you for your consideration of my views on this important issue.

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