Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Take Me Out To The Ball Game... A Night Watching the Columbia Blowfish

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Here in Columbia we have a summer collegiate Coastal Plain League team, the Columbia Blowfish. This past Saturday night was military appreciation night, and since the weather was nice we decided to go downtown and take in a game. Let me say, I would rather pay the $7.00 a person to go watch these kids play than $30 or more to watch the pros play any day. It's just as exciting!
 Before the game started...
The City Of Columbia and several sponsors bused in a bunch of the new recruits from Fort Jackson to watch the game. I believe there were more than 1,000 present in uniform. 

The Fort Jackson Color Guard presenting the colors.

The Fort Jackson Band sang the national anthem.

Between innings the commanding General from Fort Jackson swore in some delayed enlistment kids. 

This gentleman led one of the charges in WWII and is the most decorated veteran alum from the Citadel. 

Natalie got a shirt. 

Blowy, the blowfish racing the kids from third to first base. 
DJ is the first boy in red there in this picture from their race. 

DJ and Blowy

Cutting the Army Birthday Cake

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