Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Total loss of our local library

Early Sunday morning our local county library was struck by lightning (they believe) and burned to the ground. This is a devastating loss for our community, as it was a meeting place for people, stored important historical documents, and had technology that many people in our community could not afford to have in their own homes.
I am hoping that that community will work together to help rebuild the library so that once again the people of Twiggs County will have a place to read, use the internet, and get an education.
I am trying to come up with ideas as to how the community can raise money for rebuilding and replacing the books, technology, and furnishings.
I know that there are probably grants out there that the county can apply for, its just a matter of doing the leg work. I also am aware that those grants will probably not pay for everything, and we as a community will have to come up with ideas on our own.
I am going to try and attend the next county commissioners meeting to see what is said, and what they plan on doing to rebuild.  
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