Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Do you know what this week is?

It is Teacher Appreciation Week! This is the week that the world is supposed to be thinking about teachers, and thanking them for what they do.
Let me tell you, teaching for the most part is a thankless job. There are exceptions to this rule (Thank you Melissa and the Warren Family!)  But for the most part we rarely get thanked for what we do.
I know its hard to come up with ideas as to what to get a teacher as a thank you, but the has come up with a pretty good list, and you can find it here:
The only thing I saw that I didn't quite agree with was the travel mug, where they said as a not to get item. Its not that I want a travel mug (I don't drink coffee!) but the author of the article states that we get three free when you sign a contract, and thats not true around here! lol

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