Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Mi Familia

Mom, Dad, Kelsey, Me, Jerry, NatalieMaddox, Matt, Grandma, DJ, and Grandpa. Angela was in the hospital was stomache troubles. iowa part 3 119

The Great Grandkids with Grandma: Starting in the front row, left to right: DJ, Kelsey, Cooper, Grandma, Zach, Mitchel, Sam, and Jacob (who is on his knee in a couple of the pictures and not in a couple, I think he was in the restroom when we started taking pictures!) Second row, Natalie, Maddox, Bridgett, Luca, Cameron, Caleb, Cody. Only one Great Grandbaby not there, Terry's little girl who was born this spring. Oh and Nick and Deb's little girl who is to come this fall. ;) mi familia
The Grandkids with Grandma, (in the pictures with the in-laws)Front row, left to right: Joe, Grandma, yours truely, Michelle, Jerry. Second row: Laura (Joe's wife), Glenn, Ashley (Jeff's wife), Deb, Ann, Lynn, Stephanie, Lindsay (Brian's wife). Third Row: Jeff, Nick, Larry (Ann's Husband), and Eric (Stephanie's husband).
The pictures with just us grandkids and grandma goes: Joe, Grandma, Michelle, Ann
Second row: Glenn, Jeff, me, Nick, Lynn and Stephanie.
Terry and Brian were not able to be there, and Matt was at the hospital with Angela (who spent almost her entire time in the hospital sick! Poor thing!)   mi familia 2
The kids with mom, Uncle Jerry is sitting down, then it goes Aunt Donna, My Mom and Aunt Carol with Grandma and Grandpa. The big group picture is Front row Uncle Jerry, Grandma and Grandpa, Second row Aunt Cindy (Jerry's wife) Aunt Janice (Uncle Bobby's wife) Mom, and Aunt Carol. The last row is Uncle Mark (Aunt Donna's Husband), Aunt Donna, Dad, and Uncle Dennis (Aunt Carol's husband)
mi familia 3

Later in the day:
Left hand side: Uncle Jerry, Aunt Cindy, Lynn, Ashley, and Jeff with Grandma and Grandpa
Right hand side: Jeff, Ashley, Lynn, Matt, Me, Eric, Stephanie and DJ with Grandma and Grandpa

Picnik collage
Picnik collage
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