Sunday, July 04, 2010

More Burlington

After Matt, Angela, and Maddox arrived we went to eat at the Hungry Bear, the restraunt across the street from my grandma's old house. We got to see the house, and Matt, DJ, Maddox and the girls talked to the lady that now owns the house. Then we went out and visited with my dad's cousin Bob and his wife Judy. visiting the Thie's

While at Bob and Judy's we took the kids outside to chase fireflies. It was a riot! DJ and Maddox had never seen such things, and they had soooooo much fun!

There is a video here:

The next morning we went to see the one room school house that my grandma attended school in. It is still standing, empty though. It looks like someone may have been doing some work on the inside recently though
One Room School house

Our last stop in Burlington was Snake Alley.
snake alley It really is a neat old road that you can still drive down. If you go to the site you can read the history of the road. But basically its the curviest road in America. ;)
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