Monday, January 30, 2012

Jeffery the Tiger's #SCTweetup #Smile Movie Adventures - scienceesl - Storify

Jeffery the Tiger's #SCTweetup #Smile Movie Adventures
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Jeffery the Tiger's #SCTweetup #Smile Movie Adventures

The adventures of Jeffery the Jeffersonville Elementary School Tiger at the Space Camp Tweetup for the premiere of A Smile As Big As The Moon
  1. Jeffery the tiger flew on the Space Shuttle Endeavor for an AOA mission, as well as helped Matt and Trent complete a heat tile repair.
  2. Touring the Dr. Von Braun exhibit.
  3. @Funky49, Steve, left his backpack in Mrs. Cleveland's truck on Saturday morning when he left to go to the airport. Then he blamed it on Jeffery:   @libbydoodle Actually Jeffery the Tiger asked me to leave my backpack behind as a test for the team. WE PASSED! #sctweetup
  4. Jeffery along with the rest of the #sctweetup gang learned about SCUBA diving in the UAT.
  5. Jeffery was the only participant from the #sctweetup who was allowed to try out the simulators at Aviation Challenge
  6. When we were allowed to go into the Mission Control Complex, Jeffery pretended like he was flying in the copula of the ISS.
  7. BJ's car has been on a 49 state tour of the United States, so of course we had to get a picture of that!
  8. One Tired, but happy tiger ready to head back to Jeffersonville
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