Friday, January 27, 2012

A Smile As Big As the Moon! Watch it! Sunday!!!

Good Evening,
As you all know I am currently at the US Space and Rocketry Center, Space Camp for a national Tweetup, where we have had the opportunity to do the STEM activities that the students who attend Space Camp get to do. Today our special guest speaker was Mr. Mike Kersjes who pioneered the path for special needs students to attend Space Camp. Mr. Kersjes is a phenomenal person and listening to his story in his own words today was inspiring and emotional. He wrote the book "A Smile As Big As The Moon, a special education teacher, his class, and their inspiring journey through U.S. Space Camp" that has now been made into a movie that will air on Sunday night (we are attending the Huntsville red carpet premiere with the cast tonight). I wanted to encourage you to watch this awesome movie, as I know you will be as inspired as I was today (and I haven't even seen the movie yet!)
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