Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dear NBC, you have messed up the London 2012 Olympics

Dear NBC,
I am writing this blog post to express my extreme displeasure at the coverage of the London 2012 Olympic games.
First of all, I understand that there is a 5 hour time difference from London to the East Coast, however this time difference SHOULD have worked in your favor, you have chosen to make it work against you!
Last night at the Opening Ceremony was a perfect example. In a perfect world, NBC would have shown the Opening Ceremony LIVE on one of their multitude of networks, and then shown a tape delayed replay during prime time for the people that wanted to watch it but didn't have DVR, or forgot to record it on the main NBC stations. This would have eliminated the spoilers that went out via twitter, facebook, and even rival networks. PLUS it would have allowed those of us on the East Coast to go to bed at a decent hour, rather than MIDNIGHT when the TAPE DELAYED ceremony ended.
Then we have to look at the tribute to the July 7, 2005 victims that NBC chose to cut from the stateside broadcast. WHY was this tribute cut? I have yet to find a good explanation. I have looked, and everything that I have seen sounds really really LAME!
Now we are on to Saturday, the first real big day of the games. This morning I woke up looking forward to watching all of the events that I could. I tuned in early and started watching. How disappointing it was to discover that the events that I would have loved to watch on tv were not going to be broadcast live. WAIT A MINUTE? Not broadcast live? I am going to have to once again stay up late to watch the Olympics that were on this afternoon for goodness sake? Oh and the excitement of Ryan Lochte winning the 400 IM relay? I learned all about it. Not on NBC, not on MSNBC, but on Twitter, and Yahoo. Why? Because NBC chose to tape delay it. I know I could have watched it on my computer, but it is not the same!
I would like to know why I could watch Women's Basketball, on three stations at the same time at one point today? Yes, I know it was three seperate matches, but if you can flip between two sports on one station, then you can flip between three games on another! I like basketball as much as anyone else, but there were several sports being played today that got ZERO attention while women's basketball dominated three channels. Those other athletes worked just as hard if not harder than the basketball teams (none of which were the American team at the time I turned to ESPN), and those other athletes deserved just as much attention!
To top off the ridiculousness that is the broadcast in prime time tonight was Bob Costas comment at the top of the broadcast. He promised NO SPOILERS! Oh my! We will watch and discover who won with the rest of the world! Not so fast Bob! Every other media outlet in the world beat you to the punch, and we all know that Ryan Lochte won, and Michael Phelps, the unbeatable, was beaten and didn't even medal.
I understand wanting to show the big events in prime time, and during the week, I will even be very glad that they are doing it. But over the weekend? At least give us the opportunity to watch the events live as they happen without having to use our computers to do so.
NBC, not that you care what I, a teacher in Georgia, an Air Force Wife, and a mother of three thinks, but I think you have dropped the ball BIG time!

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