Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Swanson in Perry, Georgia

I am not normally one to write a review about my experiences at restaurants on my blog, not for any real reason, other than I just don't normally think to do it. HOWEVER, yesterday I had the best experience and some of the best chicken salad I have ever had!

I was in Perry, Georgia for a Common Core Standards training at the Board Of Education there, and didn't really feel like heading out to the interstate area for fast food, so I headed to downtown Perry. Oh boy was I glad that I did. I came across The Swanson right on the corner of Caroll Street, and thought why not. There were quite a few people in there for a Wednesday at lunch time, but I was seated right away and helped almost immediately, which was wonderful since I had less than an hour by this time to eat. My food also came out very quickly, in fact I had enough time after eating to explore downtown Perry and check out the teacher supply store that is there, after I ate.

I really wish I had thought to take a picture of my plate when it came and tweeted it so that you all could see it! I ordered their chicken salad platter, and it was so filling, and absolutely delicious! There was a generous helping of chicken salad, two huge slices of tomato, a sliced hard boiled egg, and a couple of watermelon slices on top of a slice of lettece. The chicken salad had small slices of the sweetest apples in it, just writing about it is making me want to go back tomorrow! ;-)

The best part? The price! For a sit down meal, that was very filling and in a great atmosphere I only spent $10.36 before tip.

If you are in Perry for any reason at lunch time I highly recommend going to The Swanson, you will not be disappointed

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