Sunday, December 13, 2015

Wreaths Across America~Meeting Our Nations Heroes

Yesterday at Wreaths Across America - ​ Fort Jackson National Cemetery​ I was standing by two of the gentlemen in this picture and their spouse(s) during the ceremony.

  The one woman started feeling not well in the heat of the day (80 degrees in December), and had to be attended to by the medics, so one of the volunteers offered to sit with her while the gentlemen went to pay their respects. She was worried about getting pictures for them, and was rather upset that if she didn't walk down with them no one would take a picture, so I volunteered to go, as Declan was passing out wreaths. I had a nice chat with the men as we walked down to section where their friends have been laid to rest, including talking about my daddy.
The secretary of their group Mr. Rolf gave me his e-mail address and I put it in my phone, however between there and home my phone glitched, and I thought all was lost. I sent an e-mail with my fingers crossed that I remembered correctly, and then reached out to my friends at Team RWB Columbia, SC​ for suggestions as to how to find them. My friend Linda​ suggested the Lexington County VA office, and low and behold Mr. Lundeen already e-mailed me back that he knows them! However, the best part is... When I was checking the rest of my e-mail, Mr. Rolf had emailed me back as well! I am so glad that Declan and I were able to go help at this event with FortJacksonPack89/Troop89​, and that I got to meet these amazing heroes! 
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