Monday, January 16, 2017

Faith, Trust and a Whole Heck of a Lot of Pixie Dust

To say that it has been a trying couple of months would probably be an understatement of huge proportions. Things haven't necessarily gone the way that I would want them to. I've had to fall back on my faith and trust that everything will work out in the end, even if I had to make some decisions and have some conversations that were hard to have.

There have been a couple of bright spots of course.

This fall I got the classroom position that I have been wanting ever since the end of my first school year back in DoDEA. I am now teaching second grade, and loving every minute of it. This means my school life is busier than it has been in a few years, but I don't mind in the least.

Natalie and Trey got married in March, in a lovely ceremony at our local state park. Jerry, and both of our moms were able to be here, which was important to Natalie, and made it a true family affair.

In April, Trey left for basic training in San Antonio, followed by tech school in Witchta Falls. Now they are stationed in Oklahoma City, and seem to be enjoying it. They spent a couple of days over Christmas in Iowa with my grandparents, meaning they had their first real taste of winter and snow driving. 

Jerry is still working in Saudi Arabia, some days he likes it well enough, others not so much. 

Kelsey has taken over Natalie's job at the vet clinic as the receptionist.She is still taking pictures and enjoying life. If you need a photographer, let me know, she does a great job. 

Declan is in seventh grade and is a typical pre-teen boy. There are days when I think people who said boys are easier are liars who lie. 

I am starting to run again. I was supposed to run the Marine Corps Marathon this past October, but was injured and deferred my entry to this coming fall. My first half for the year is in March up at the Biltmore in Asheville, followed by the Publix Half in Savannah in April, and the Marine Corps Half in Fredricksburg VA in May. After those three we will have to see where the road leads. I know I will do at least 3 more leading up to MCM in October, but the where and when is still up for decision. 

Now for the faith, trust and pixie dust...

In December I was introduced to LulaRoe by a friend. Of course, I had heard about the company before, but I thought it was just leggings, and really didn't see the point. Then I went to a multi-consultant popup that was held on the other side of town, where Kelsey and I both found outfits that we could wear both casually and at work. We attended another multi-consultant popup the following week and an in-home pop-up, followed by my joining several Facebook groups, starting with the groups for the ladies I had bought from, and then extending to groups that people suggested, or these "loop" giveaways. Through one of the groups that was suggested to me, I "met" Whitney and Jon. Something just clicked and I found myself looking for their live sales, and following their page more than any of the others. 
I looked at becoming a representative for the last month, but honestly the startup cost scared (still does) me. However, I was almost obsessed with the thought of doing it, and was trying to find ways to make it work. 

Then yesterday's sermon was talking about working your window. Meaning taking the opportunities when they are presented to you, and to keep going even when the going gets rough. About the time the sermon was wrapping up, I got a message saying that Whitney and Jon were going to do a live Q & A about becoming a consultant, which I missed by being at small group, but knew I could watch when I got home. When I got home and started watching, I realized they were answering all of the questions that I had thought about over the last month. I asked them a few more questions, and they added me to a Facebook group that caters to people asking questions and getting more information. I just felt like the sermon series, and yesterday's sermon in particular, was telling me that I have to have faith and trust that this will work. Jerry and I had a conversation about it, and he told me if I have the faith he does too. 
 So I am stepping out on that trust and faith and have joined the "que" to become a consultant. It's about a six to eight week wait to get the call saying you can place your first order, and then another week or two until you get your first order in. So I am looking at late March to early April before I can really count on getting started, which gives me time to save the money for the "extras" like hangers, racks, business cards, and a sticker for my car. 

I know that I can rock this, and I know this will help us achieve all of our family goals.  I can't wait to get started. 
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