Friday, September 14, 2007

What a long week! And for me it keeps going until Tuesday. Sleeping In Class I went back to work on Sunday at Lowes, and it has been great to be back. I missed the people, and I missed the work.

But I have worked 9 hours every day except Wednesday, and now I am Sleepy I have been helping the HR manager out all week because not only is he training the orientation group that I am in this time, but he is also training the group from the new store that they are building in Pace. Both groups are abnormally big, which means finagling testing and responsiblities. Plus he has not had an assistant in a couple of months, so he was behind on all of the little things that he has to keep up with, that don't make the store run, but that fall under his job title. I think we have managed to get him caught up on all of that.

Now, Tomorrow I AM THE MAN. LOL The HR's family is coming into town, but we still have orientation stuff that has to get done. So he is taking tomorrow off to see the family and I have a page long to do list, and POWER. Weight Lifting Man I could get power hungry doing this let me tell you! Dont get me wrong there are things that I cant do, and things that even if I could do they don't pay me enough to have me do, but I am going to have a hard time going to work at the cash register next week and just sitting there next week. Ah well it was fun while it lasted.

I work Sunday and Monday as well, but the HR will be back so I wont be doing it all myself, actually I think Monday I am in my real job Money .

Monday when I get off work and the kids get home from school we are taking off to Georgia. Georgia I got a phone call this week from a school up there for an interview. I did explain that the kids and I were still down here and that we would not be up there until November/December but they still want to meet with me. So since I don't have to work Tuesday and Wednesday we are going to take off and go up.

It is a two fold process, it lets us check out the area, and it gets my foot in the door at a school up there. Its an interview, but it will also be a chance for me to ask questions about the area, from my peers, so in turn people that I "trust" just because I know that they have some of the same background as I do (in education at least).

Since I have no idea really what the schools are like, I want and need to get an idea for myself before moving the kids up there. I guess you could say that is the stressful thing about this move. Not knowing what I am getting the kids into school wise. At least our other moves it has not been a huge concern. When we first moved here in 95, school was still 3 years off for Kelsey, so I knew we had time to figure it out. When we moved to England, I had friends that had been there with school age kids, that told me about both the British schools and the base schools, plus I had friends growing up that had gone through DoDDS schools. When we moved back here, I had done my student teaching here, and I knew people here so I knew what the schools were like (both the good and the bad). We personally don't know anyone in the Warner Robins area, so I don't have anyone this time that I can ask. That being said, of course Mr. D is up in Peach Tree City, so I can call him tomorrow or Sunday and see what he says about going to the school on base to meet with his friend there, who he said would be a good source of information.

I am not sure yet where we will be staying. When I tried calling base lodging they only do reservations during the day, when I am at work. I am hoping that a gal from the area that is on one of my message boards will have suggestions as to where to stay, she has been helpful with information on schools and housing so far. Hopefully this isnt a weekend when she goes without checking the board. LOL. We will arrive late evening on Monday night, explore Tuesday during the morning and afternoon, then late Tuesday afternoon I have my interview. We will stay Tuesday night and come home on Wednesday some time.

The girls will miss school, but it can't be helped. There is no one here that I feel comfortable asking to keep them during the week, and no matter what I have to take DJ with me, and I need someone to watch him while I am in my interview. I sent notes with the girls today letting the teachers know that they would be gone (which Natalie forgot to give out today, but I just sent them all an email), so hopefully they will get work to bring with them.

I only expect to have one teacher give me a hard time about pulling Natalie out of school, and that teacher has been giving me a hard time about everything, plus calling Natalie's class little devils to her other classes. That Pisses Me OfI have had 3 of her friends tell me that they have heard her say it, in two different classes. I am not very impressed, to say the least, and I should call and talk to the principal about it, but I figure he will blow off my concerns the same way he did a couple of years ago over Kelsey's math teacher. Meditate I will wait until we return from Georgia and see how that goes before reacting.

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