Wednesday, August 26, 2009

High School....

I think I can safely say that I have now officially lived through every stage of high school a normal (well not so much normal) person can live though.

I did the geeky, good little catholic girl stage, when I was in high school. You know the type, still very active in Girl Scouts, church youth groups, band, and handbells. The girl that never went to the "cool" parties, always was home by curfew, didn't date really until senior year.

I have done the "cool" teacher stage, where I started off as they youngest teacher in the school, girls soccer coach, junior class sponsor, senior class sponsor, the one that heard everything, including things that I never wanted to know (Got to LOVE the 18 hour trips to Germany on a bus). The teacher who the kids seemed to know if they were in trouble they could tell it to, who never felt like she had the answers, but I listened.

Now.... OMG I am the MOM of a high schooler. With all the drama it entails. The worries over her friends, grades, activities, and BOYS. I am not sure if my years of teaching at the high school level did me more harm or good. By that I mean, I KNOW what the boys are thinking, because they held nothing back during seminar class (did you guys?) I KNOW what the girls are thinking and in some cases doing. I know how they interact. Oh my oh my.

My friend Kate over at One More Thing hosts a "Madhouse" weekly where several of us post on a general theme. Not always, but some times, like today I decide to participate.
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