Sunday, August 09, 2009

Hometown boy makes it big... Go Owls! ;)

Last night was a big night for Agua Fria Owls, from Avondale Arizona, and Arizona State Sun Devils. :)

Randall McDaniel was inducted into the NFL Hall Of Fame. Not only that, he asked our former principal from Agua Fria, OK Fulton to do his introduction speech.

Randall McDaniel graduated 5 years before I even started attending Agua Fria, but I was able to meet him at the basketball game when the school inducted him into their hall of fame. He was a really down to earth guy back then, and from his speech, and the interviews that they have shown, he must still be. He works with elementary school kids up in the Twin Cities, which to me shows what an influence Mr. Fulton had on his life. :)

Congratulations Mr. McDaniels! Thanks for the memories. You have made all former Owls and Sun Devils proud!
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