Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tell Congress to reject efforts to undermine public employee benefit pensions!

Here is my letter, I suggest you write something similar! I got the format off of NEA's website I believe that anyone can use the forms there to let their voices be heard.

Senator Chambliss:
I urge Congress to reject efforts to undermine public employee defined benefit pensions.
Educators have dedicated our lives to public service. We have forgone the higher salaries available in the private sector in order to work in the profession we love and help our students become the productive citizens our nation needs. We do not retire in luxury. Through our service, we have earned the modest pensions that will help us ensure a secure retirement.
The traditional public pension system is a vital stimulus to the economy that safeguards the delivery of vital taxpayer services.
It is a sound system. Funding shortfalls can be avoided without overturning the entire system.
If defined benefit plans are abandoned in favor of defined contribution plans, taxpayers will pay more to move to millions of private accounts. And, they will also pay more to foot the bill for workers who outlive inadequate, unstable retirement income.
I urge you to look at the facts and reject the public employee bashing so popular lately.
Please protect public employee pensions.
Patricia Cleveland
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