Friday, April 08, 2011

Dear Congress

You are paid $174,000 annually, for which the U.S. Constitution clearly states your responsibilities to include maintaining and SUPPORTING the military, and creating and maintaining a budget.
Clearly you have done neither... in any other workplace, failure to do the job for which you were hired is cause for TERMINATION. Quite frankly, if a member of the armed forces so blatantly refused to do their job as you have, they would be court-martialed for failure to obey an order or regulation, dereliction of duty, and sent packing!
So while I am sitting at home with my children wondering when we will get the small amount of money YOU deem adequate, please continue to run around Washington with your heads up your neighbor's derriere, and sleep well knowing your next paycheck is in the bank.
Yours Truly~Military Wife

"Borrowed" from a former student
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