Thursday, April 07, 2011

My thoughts on this budget mess we are in, and Military not getting paid, because our politicians are idiots

Dear Mr. Obama, I would like you to kiss your wife and children goodbye for 365 days, and maybe not make it home, then get told that you may not get paid because your boss can't make up his mind to pay you! 

Oh WAIT Now I remember the reason why Mr. Obama doesn't give a rats tail about the military not getting paid is because HE NEVER HAS BEEN THERE! I forgot for a minute there that we have a President who has never served his country! Dang it, just goes to show what happens....

I have the solution to the current crisis with military pay.... Lock the doors to the Capitol building and don't let any of the idiots out until they come up with a feasible solution! If they end up killing each other in the process, all the better! Because then we will be down at least 2 idiots, one dead and one in jail where the crooks belong!

A quote I saw today on Facebook:
“As a historian, it always occurred to me the smart thing for government was always to pay the guys with guns first.” ...U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates

Help for military members if it comes down to it: A MUST READ from the blog of an Army wife living through her husbands third deployment. "An Open Letter to President Obama and Congress

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