Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Time to write to your Congressmen, Senators, and the President!

Dear Soldiers, 
Please keep risking your lives, dying for our country, and fighting for our freedoms all while leaving your families behind for a year at a time...but we're not going to pay you. 
The Government

All right people, it's time to write to your Congress members , Senators, and the President and tell them to get their acts together! If the government shuts down the military men and women fighting for this country, giving their lives every day, will not get paid! 

However, if I read it right in other articles that I have read, Congress, Senate, and the President will all still get paid! Now that is CRAP! 

We as military families give our all, every day. We have immediate family members, friends and comrades fighting on the front lines of two wars on a daily basis. We do not know if our loved ones are coming home whole or at all. We also put up with the long hours, the recalls, and the stress for crappy pay all the time. 

Now you are going to tell us, SORRY, you are not going to get paid this month, but when we finally get our acts together we will get you back pay. 

Oh but are you Congress going to call all of our creditors, electric, rent, etc and ask them to give us time to pay them and not charge us interest for the time that you couldn't get along like grown ups? 

I am so fed up with the politicians of this country it isn't even funny!
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