Friday, January 30, 2015

200 MILES!!!

I DID IT!!! 
I can hardly believe it right now but I hit 200 miles of intentional walking per my Garmin in the month of January! My Fitbit says I have close to 400 miles, which counts all of my steps for the month. I made it a personal challenge to only count my Garmin miles. 

What started out as a bad step count day because I was home with Declan and only left the house to go to the doctor (58.5 inches tall, 110 pounds, really bad chest cold/virus). Turned into an amazing night. 
I was at 2,000 steps for the day. :( I knew I needed at least 5 miles so that I wasn't stressed out tomorrow, or depressed and down on myself on Sunday. I went out with the goal of 5 miles, and when I was at 4, I decided that if I got 7, then I could do the 5K in the morning and not have to worry. Then when I hit 7, and had about a mile and a half before getting home, I decided to push it and go ahead and get the ten!
I am NOT ashamed to admit that I had tears in my eyes on that last mile, because I could hardly believe that I really hit 200 miles in one month. See that smile up there? That was totally real! :-) 
Then I came home and did Max30 Tabata Power, and Maxed out at 14:29. That smile in that picture, was real too, but a tired real. ;-) 

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