Thursday, January 29, 2015

Max 30 January 29th, 2015... unscheduled rest day

I'm taking a Max 30 rest day. Thursdays are always crazy and today was no exception. I had math night at the commissary with school/work until 7, and I stuck around for a bit afterwards to make sure that most of the kids had their prizes so it was close to 8 when I got home. Then I had 2 discussion topics that I needed to post for my educational ethics class (BTW have I mentioned I am taking doctoral level classes?)
 However, I got in 4.64 miles intentional walking and my 20,000 steps so on track there. I parked at the commissary this morning and walked the mile to school. Then after school I walked back to the commissary, to the post hospital, to Popeye's and back to the commissary which came out to 3.6 miles. I'll make up my max day tomorrow and Saturday. Plus only ten miles till I hit 200 for the month! #2015in2015 #patty2015in2015
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