Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Challenge Group!

Oh my gosh! Six weeks from Sunday Jerry flies home after being gone for almost a year! I can hardly believe it’s here already.
And are you ready for this? 9 weeks from Wednesday is our 20th anniversary! Where has the time gone? I’ll tell you where, on my waist. ;-)
No seriously, I want to be in the best shape I can possibly be in by the time he comes home and I know I can get there with a little bit of help from my Shakeology, workouts, and my friends (that means YOU!).

I am looking for accountability partners that are interested in joining a Challenge group with me starting next Wednesday. I’ll create a secret group on Facebook where you have to check in each day, with the daily challenges, and what you are doing for exercise and eating. I’ll help you come up with a meal and shopping plan for each week, and exercise ideas.

To make it a little bit more fun and challenging I will offer a prize to the person with the biggest % of weight-loss between May 13th and June 14th.