Saturday, January 31, 2009

Arizona cardinals Pictures, Images and Photos

Friday, January 30, 2009

I am glad that this week is over

Things are better here, not perfect, but better.

We have to make some changes in our lives, and we have to work together to make them stick. WE WILL DO THIS, AND WE WILL MAKE IT WORK.

We just all have to pitch in and work together.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jerry had his endoscope today, but they couldn't dialate his esophogus any more. :( Dr. S wants to try again in about 2 weeks, probably giving him some type of steriods to get the inflamation down so they can stretch it.
The doctor also stated again that he thinks that Jerry really needs to be seen down at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville for the surgery to fix his hernia/esophogus. So now its back to fight with Tricare.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Everything is going to be ok, we are going to get through this

There is still a lot going on here, but today for the first time in almost a week I can maybe see that everything is going to be ok.

I still don't feel comfortable saying too much on here. Just know that the thoughts and prayers were very much appreciated and felt. We discovered this week that we have a strong network of family and local friends that are willing and ready to help, we just have to be strong enough to ask for help when we need it (thats the tough part for me asking for the help.)

Please still keep us in your thoughts and prayers, Jerry goes tomorrow for another dialation, and we have to get through that before the other stuff can start to work out. I am praying and asking that you pray that this dialation goes as smooth as his one in December, and that the doctor does not discover more damage. Also if you can ask that Tricare gets their heads out of their behinds and decides where he can go to have the specialized surgery in the next couple of weeks, I would appreciate it.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

We need your prayers and positive thoughts.

Hey everyone,
There is a LOT going on right now around here, and none of it good. I am going to just say we screwed up, and we are trying to fix it, but I really need all of the thoughts and prayers everyone can send this way.

I know that some people want something specific to pray for, so if you can just pray that we can stay together as a family and figure a way to solve this mess we are in, I would appreciate it. Or even just pray for my sanity over the next couple of days, as this weekend I think I have really gone crazy.

I can't go into details right now, but its not a happy place around here, and it has a chance of getting worse instead of better.

Thanks P

Thursday, January 22, 2009

How do I help my child prepare for high stakes testing?

Tonight at work we had a parent meeting for our third grade parents about the CRCT (Georgia's high stakes test). The meeting had been cancelled, but we had parents show up so we did the "dog and pony", and we will do it again in a few weeks. But the same question came up several times, both at the real meeting and again at the PTO meeting that followed.

Since I know I have fellow teachers that read this blog, I am hoping that they and other parents will chime in with ideas that I can put in my parent newsletter that I send out each week, as well as for what we can say at the "real" meeting in a couple of weeks.

Here is a short list of what we came up with "on the fly" tonight.

1. Read, Read, Read to your child, with your child, and having your child read to you. Books, on grade level, below grade level, above grade level. Magazines, comic books, newspapers, President Obama's inaugural address. After they are done reading, ask them those 5 "W's" questions. Who was the story about? What was the story about? Where did the story take place? When did the the story take place? Why did the characters have that problem? How was the problem resolved?

If your child does not like to read, start them off slowly. Start off at 5 minutes at a time, then the next night 10 minutes, then 15, and so on. Oh and if it has words on it, it counts as reading. ;)

2. Practice basic math facts, daily. In the car, at the dinner table, in the bath, right before bed, from addition and subtraction (adding and subtracting to 10) to multiplication and division, daily. The more they practice the fast the facts will come, and in a timed test situation if they can just "know" 2+2=4 the easier they will find the test.

3. Review vocabulary words, daily. Talk about those "math words" like sum, addend, multiple. Get the child to tell you what the word means. Go to Google and type in 3rd grade math vocabulary and you will get a ton of words that they should know for the tests.

4. Go online and look at practice tests (Google CRCT Georgia practice tests in our case) print some out and have your child practice the questions at home. Read through the question with your child and have them pick it apart. This one is especially helpful in 3rd grade because before third grade the tests are read to them, in third grade and beyond they have to read the test to them.

5. Remind your child to look for the "tricks" that the test writers put in the questions. Look for the word NOT, because it confuses them.

6. Relax and remind them that they "know" their stuff, they just need to take their time, read the questions carefully.

Again please if you have any ideas, tips, tricks etc. that I can share with my student's parents, and with your fellow blog readers, SHARE! :)


Kelsey and Bubbles had fun with the camera this weekend

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I want to ride my bicycle....

He sure does love his bike.

Another of my favorites...

From Inaguration day, Rev. Lowery's benediction:

"We thank you for the empowering of thy servant, our 44th president, to inspire our nation to believe that yes we can work together to achieve a more perfect union.
And while we have sown the seeds of greed — the wind of greed and corruption, and even as we reap the whirlwind of social and economic disruption, we seek forgiveness and we come in a spirit of unity and solidarity to commit our support to our president by our willingness to make sacrifices, to respect your creation, to turn to each other and not on each other.
And now, Lord, in the complex arena of human relations, help us to make choices on the side of love, not hate; on the side of inclusion, not exclusion; tolerance, not intolerance.
And as we leave this mountain top, help us to hold on to the spirit of fellowship and the oneness of our family. Let us take that power back to our homes, our workplaces, our churches, our temples, our mosques, or wherever we seek your will.
Bless President Barack, First Lady Michelle. Look over our little angelic Sasha and Malia.
We go now to walk together as children, pledging that we won't get weary in the difficult days ahead. We know you will not leave us alone.
With your hands of power and your heart of love, help us then, now, Lord, to work for that day when nations shall not lift up sword against nation, when tanks will be beaten into tractors, when every man and every woman shall sit under his or her own vine and fig tree and none shall be afraid, when justice will roll down like waters and righteousness as a mighty stream.
Lord, in the memory of all the saints who from their labors rest, and in the joy of a new beginning, we ask you to help us work for that day when black will not be asked to get in back, when brown can stick around ... when yellow will be mellow ... when the red man can get ahead, man; and when white will embrace what is right. That all those who do justice and love mercy say Amen."

My favorite part...

of the inaguration: (I can't get it to imbed).

I swear she gave me chills.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Did you watch?

The inaguration that is?

I watched, with my class, who did not understand the significance of what was going on for the most part, even though we have been over it.

For about 1/2 of them they got it, they understood why it was a big day in history. They cared and they listened and had good comments to make about it both during and after.

For about 1/2 of them the time would have been better spent doing math, the whole no child left behind thing ya know?

I just wonder if there were other schools out there whose superintendent said that the classes HAD to watch with nothing else going on....

I will post my thoughts on the entire thing in a bit...


Why is everyone on the Macon News Panel wearing green????

"Triangle" Flash Cards

Triangle Flash cards we made for our Geometry unit. :) Just craft sticks and glue, but we had fun making them.

Dawning of a new day in history

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives.

Today dawns a new leader for this great nation.

Today, President George W. Bush says goodbye, and President Elect Barack Obama is sworn into office.

The last 8 years have not been the best in our Nations history, however, I feel that President Bush did the best he could do, given the extreme set of circumstances he was dealing with.

I pray that President Obama will be able to help this great nation.

I pray that President Obama will be able with God's grace to live up to all that he has promised his followers.

I pray that everyone that is so against President Obama, gives him the chance to make a difference in this world, other than the difference that he has already made by just being elected to office.

I pray that President Obama looks and seriously takes care of the military of this great nation, without whom, we would not be a great nation. And doesn't just screw them the way several of his Democratic predecessors have.

I pray that President Obama looks and takes care of our Education system. Looks and listens to those in the system that can see the problems, and lets those of us in the classroom help him decide how to fix the system, not just listen to people that have either been out of the classroom for 20 years, and are so out of touch it isn't even funny, or to people that have never been in elementary education in their lives.

I pray that President Obama can make the changes in the economy that he wants to make, and that those changes work.

I am proud of our nation.

I am proud to be a part of this historical moment.

I am proud to share this day with my students, children, family and friends. This will be a day that we remember for the rest of our lives.

Monday, January 19, 2009

People need to watch their children more closely

Today when I called Natalie's friends house to see about picking her up, K (the dad) said that he had just had the police over.

There are several children in their neighborhood who decided that Natalie, K, and K were easy targets. These "children" chased the girls about 3 blocks, throwing rocks, sticks, and other things at them. As well as trying to surround the girls from different angles.

These "children's" parents were clueless as to what was happening, and from all accounts in shock when confronted by the police.

The worst part is that this group of "children" have recruited a kindergartner to their "gang". And have him doing some of thier dirty work for them. To include running out in front of my car as I went to pick Natalie up. They started to shout at me, and come towards the truck, then saw that K (the dad) was still out of the house and had his phone ready to call the police back, so the backed off.

Still even after the police had been there, the parents were no where to be seen, and the kids were still running free.

Once again I am glad Natalie does not attend the school here in town any more. I can just imagine what the day tomorrow would be like if she did.

How I spent my Christmas Break

This is the shawl I made over Christmas break. Its nice and warm.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

DJ Update...

I took DJ back into the Medstop today for his follow up. The doctor that we saw yesterday wasn't there today. But it was ok the doctor today was just as through and just as nice.

He agreed that the swelling has gone down significantly. He then checked his ears and throat again just to be safe. DJ's tonsils are swollen now but with the meds that should go down. Of course the doctor had to mention that one other time that he had seen a child DJ's age with that type of swelling it was cancer. Thanks Doc.... He did say though that in that case the swelling did not go away with antibiotics.

So anyway we had the ok to go to the birthday party at the Evil Rat Place (Chuck E. Cheese). Where fun (and headaches) were had by all.

Lots of pictures to come over the next few days. Kelsey and Bubbles have had the camera and done dress up photo shoots.


Arizona Cardinals Pictures, Images and Photos
Finally a Superbowl that I can actually get excited about watching for something other than the commercials!!!!
G~TOWN BIRD! Pictures, Images and Photos

Go Cardinals!!!!

cardinals logo Pictures, Images and Photos

Back to wishing, and hoping, and praying and dreaming......

Go Cards!! Beat the Eagles!!!

I unfortunatly will be in Macon and the Evil Rat Place (Chuck E. Cheese) at a birthday party for one of DJ's classmates. Hopefully they have TVs.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

"sick" DJ

Yesterday DJ's teacher brought him down to my room during their lunch (my planning). Right away I thought that he was in trouble as earlier in the week he had been rough housing, a bit too rough.

Instead, Mrs. H said look at his cheek. His left cheek was/is swollen. We looked in his mouth and couldn't see anything. He said it only hurt when we pushed on it (duh). He wasn't running a fever so we thought he had just bit it.

Over night it didn't get worse, but it didn't get better, so I took him in to the medstop this morning. The first thing the Dr. thought was mumps. But he has had all of his shots, within a couple of weeks of when they were due, so she doesn't know what the deal is. She poked and proded, and looked and listened, and there is nothing other than the swelling in his cheek to show that something was wrong.

She said that we had two options, one take blood there, and if everything was at an ok level put him on antibiotics and check on him in the morning (with her). Or two, take him to the ER and have them do a cat scan, and other tests. I asked how hard was she pushing for option 2, because if I could help him not to go through all of those tests I wanted to avoid them. She said as long as I was promising her that if he started running a fever or the swelling got worse, she was fine with us doing option one.

It took 3 sticks to get his blood drawn, and then we had to do a finger prick and milk enough blood to get the sample done. But everything looked good there, so she gave us a prescription for Amoxicillin, with orders that if he runs a fever, the swelling gets worse, or even if he starts acting not normal to take him to the ER. And no matter what we will be in there at 9 tomorrow morning so she can check on him again.

Everyone that dealt with him today, fell in love with him. He got extra lolipops and stickers for the three sticks, and being brave there. Three hours after his first dose of medicine his cheek doesn't look as swollen and he is talking better (before he had an obvious lisp from the swelling). So hopefully tomorrow she will tell us to just keep him on the medicine and we will be in the clear.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Military Families Need YOUR HELP!~Sticky Post!!!

As I have been researching ways to help solve our own personal housing situation, I have discovered that we are just one military family out of thousands who have found themselves in the same situation.

Military Homeowners are experiencing foreclosure rates at 4 times the national average!


Because Uncle Sam says its time to leave, and that time has come sooner rather than later than expected when the house was bought, and now thanks to the economy and the housing situation, the house that the family loves can not be sold. Nor can the family stay in the house that they love, not if they want to keep the family together. With the current world situation and being apart as much as military families are already, who wants to be seperated, when staying together is an option?

I have spent literally days over the last 16 months at the computer trying to find a solution to our own situation. Listing the house on every free site there is out there. Calling and emailing different people asking for help. Talking to our lender. Nothing is helping. We personally can not sell our house, not without loosing everything.

I have discovered that certain US Government agencies have built in systems for their agents who are transfered.

The FBI for instance has a program where if you are transfered and can not sell your house for what you owe, they step in and buy it from you. (I am sure there is more to it than that, but thats what it translated to for me.)

There are a couple of other similar programs for other agencies out there as well.

But NOTHING out there for our military.

We need this to change! Military members that are fighting for your freedoms need your help!

I found a website that has a letter that YOU need to send to your representatives in Washington!

Here is what I found at:

Tell Your Elected Officials to Act NOW to Help Military Homeowners in Distress!
VR SAM® & MORE SAM™ have made it EASY!
Military Homeowners are experiencing a foreclosure rate four times the national average! Why? Because they serve! Join VR SAM® and MORE SAM™ in demanding Congress act NOW to get this fixed! Military Families deserve:
-An IMMEDIATE tax credit to offset their losses when forced to move due to PCS orders. -Parity with other Federal Agencies employees in assistance with settlement costs and "buy out" programs.
You can do two simple things to make a difference.
1. Write Congress to get over due relief and 2. Petition powerful trade organizations and military non-profits to push this issue!
Instructions on Writing to Congress:
1. Follow the prompts below. (VR SAM will protect your privacy - see policy at end)
2. Select your Military Affiliation or Connection
3. Make your personal comments or describe your personal circumstances ( to be added to the form letter) in the space provided at the end of the letter.
4. Review and Print Letter
5. Review and Add name to Petition.
Please Note: (Snail Mail letters to your elected officials have MORE impact than email! We recommend you print your letter. The link below will have every elected officials' names and mailing address. Snail mail it to them today! Then call their office at the phone numbers (also shown on the link) and voice your opinion! The link also has their web sites with emails. You may wish to cut / paste and email the letter as well, but please do snail mail!)

Generated Letter
Dear ________________,
I am an concerned citizen from the state of _________. I am deeply concerned about the devastating impact of the current housing market on Military Families and the readiness of our fighting forces. In many cases, Military Families purchase homes when base housing and rentals are unavailable or inadequate. When ordered to move (PCS orders) Military Families must move and are entirely on their own to resolve the housing issues.
By some accounts, the foreclosure rate among Military Families is four times higher than the nation average. The financial impact for individual Military Families should be obvious. They incur debts that may not be paid off for decades and endure even more family separations on top of the extended deployments. In some cases damaged credit may prevent renewal of the security clearances required to do their jobs.
This will undoubtedly affect the readiness of our fighting forces. Despite their commitment to service in our country�s defense, highly experienced service men and women will be forced to leave the Military. We have service members in combat zones today while their families are dealing with foreclosure! Clearly this issue has a huge impact on our fighting forces morale.
I urge you to support two initiatives to relieve this unprecedented and unfair financial burden on our Military Families:
� Immediate tax credits for Military Families suffering financial loss when unable to sell their homes in a down market.
� Parity in Home Buying benefits for career designated Military Members similar to that enjoyed by employees of other Federal Agencies to include; settlement cost reimbursement and a guaranteed buy out when unable to sell in a down market.
I firmly believe there are substantial cost offsets in recruiting, training, and retention that would make such a program cost-effective. More importantly, it is simply the right thing to do! Military Families should not be denied the American Dream that they defend. Please act today!

I personally added to the letter that I have sent this:

To us there is no end in site, but yet the banks and the auto industry and Wall Street have been given money hand over fist, while thousands of military members are loosing their homes like we are. Just because the election is over, please do not forget about the men and women fighting for this great nation. Stand up and fight for them, do right by them. If they are FORCED to move from their home by a permanent change of station and can not sell their home do to the economy, find a way in all of that money you have set aside for the corrupt Wall Street bankers, to buy our houses, or help them out in some positive way and let our faithful men and women get back to just worrying about protecting this great nation.

You can go to either: or and get the email addresses, and snail mail addresses of your represenatives and senators.

Go to the White House's website and send emails to President Bush and Vice President Chaney at: and I know they are about to leave office, but they still have 2 months to make a positive difference!

I also ask that you write to President Elect Obama and Vice President Elect Biden at: and ask them to get involved in this issue right out of the starting gates in January.

Please help military families get the message out about this crisis that is hitting so many of us!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cardinals WIN!!!!!!

I am not a huge fan of professional sports.

For the most part I think that they are a bunch of overgrown, spoiled brats.

I know that there are pleanty of good guys out there that play on professional sports teams, and have even known/met a few (Randall McDaniel, and Pat Tillman (before he was pro). But the Plexico's, Vick's get all of the attention, and unfortunately are the ones that my students think are the shiznit.

All of that being said, I am STOKED that the Cardinals have done so well in the playoffs. Gotta root for the home team, and darn it, after all of these years they deserve to have a good season, and, for the most part you don't hear any of their players getting into stupid crap.

This guy is great!

Uncle Jay Explains

This guy is Uncle Jay, and he explains the news, in a rather funny, make that hysterical way.

My mom sent me the link to his year in review in which he explained all of the happens of last year by singing Christmas carols. Which is down right laugh out loud funny.

This last week's episode is rather comical as well.

Go check it out!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Contest at Momdot to win a $250 Amazon Gift Card!

There is a contest at MomDot, where you if sign up to be a part of Signup here'>forwardOn, a new program that will forward those cute emails for you without the chance of nasty viruses going and clogging your family and friends email boxes. Go Signup here'>here to sign up.

Wishing, and hoping, and thinking and praying....

For a Cardinals WIN!!!!!!!

arizona cardinals Pictures, Images and Photos

The offensive line needs to step it up!!!

I will never understand Walmart

Jerry and I went to the BX to get a couple of things and then to Walmart.

Both places had only a couple of registers open and lines a mile long.

At the BX the lady in front of us was arguing with the cashier about the price of the diapers she had picked up. The cashier, instead of calling someone to go look for her, and ringing up the next customer, left her register and went to the opposite end of the store to check. Only to come back and tell the lady that she didn't see any diapers on the shelf with that upc code. So the lady then tells her that she looked in the wrong spot. After just a few minutes though the BX opened another register, and the jewlery counter announced overhead that they were open. Crisis adverted, customers served, everyone happy.

Walmart on the other hand was typical Walmart.

Lines between 6 and 8 people deep at one end of the store. I walk down toward the other end because I can see three lights on, one at the line where you can get those lung cancer sticks, one at the express lines, and one in between these two. The first two still had decent sized lines. The one in the middle had two people, plus a cart pushed in front of the entrance to the line. I moved the cart and went in, because after all her light was still on. The cashier and the lady in line both looked at me like I was rude and wrong, and after I had already put stuff on the belt told me that she was closing. I looked at them both and said the light is still on, and there is no sign, so your not closed. Plus I don't see HOW you can close, when there are lines 8 people deep at the other end of the store. IF you think you can reasonably close with those lines, then I suggest you turn off your light. The cashier looked at me, then back at her light, then back at me, and finally as three more customers tried coming into her line, turned off her light. A new cashier came up and took the three customers behind me who were about to start a riot.

The customer in front of me said well you know, she may have to go to the restroom at some point today. I looked at her and said, lady I am a teacher, I have no sympathy!

I know that wasn't nice, but darn it they made me do it.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Disney Fairies Pixie Hallow Contest

I got an email today about a contest Disney has going on to win a trip to one of the parks with a meet and greet with Tink and her friends.

I know a couple of friends out there have little princesses, that would love to win this trip, so I am passing it along. :)

Disney Salutes the Military

Jerry's shirt sent this out on Wednesday! Pretty cool if you ask me!

For Immediate ReleaseDisney Parks Celebrate U.S. MilitaryWith Free, Multi-day Admission to Theme Parks in 2009LAKE BUENA VISTA, Florida / ANAHEIM, California (January 4, 2009) - As Disney Parks ask "What Will You Celebrate?" and invite guests to turn their personal milestones into magical family vacations in 2009, America's military personnel will have one more reason to celebrate: Free multi-day admission to Disney's U.S. theme parks.With the "Disney's Armed Forces Salute" offer, active and retired U.S. military personnel, including active members of the United States Coast Guard and activated members of the National Guard or Reservists, can enjoy complimentary, multi-day admission into Disney's U.S. theme parks, great rates at select Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort hotels, and additional special ticket offers for family members and friends."For so many of the men and women who serve in our U.S. military, time together with their families is cause enough for celebration," said Jay Rasulo, chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. "We are grateful for their service and hope 'Disney's Armed Forces Salute' will allow our troops to create wonderful, magical memories with their family and friends."At Disneyland Resort in Southern California:

Through June 12, 2009, each active or retired member of the U.S. military can receive one complimentary three-day "Disney's Armed Forces Salute" ticket valid for admission to both Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure parks. During the offer period, active or retired U.S. military personnel also may make a one-time purchase of an adult or child three-day "Disney's Armed Forces Salute Companion" ticket for up to five family members (including spouse) or friends for the price of an adult 1-Day Park Hopper ticket. Disneyland Resort hotels are also offering special room rates for active or retired military personnel. For example, at Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel, active or retired members of the military and their families may find hotel rooms starting at $119 per night during value season, with great savings during other times of the offer period. This offer is available through June 12, 2009, and the number of rooms available at these special rates is limited.
For information regarding "Disney's Armed Forces Salute" at the Disneyland Resort, or to make reservations, military personnel may call 714/956-6424. At the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida:From January 4 to December 23, 2009, each active or retired member of the U.S. military may obtain one complimentary five-day "Disney's Armed Forces Salute" ticket with Park Hopper and Water Park Fun & More options. This ticket is valid for five days of admission into the four Walt Disney World theme parks, plus a total of five visits to a choice of a Disney water park, DisneyQuest Indoor Interactive Theme Park or certain other attractions. During this offer period, active or retired U.S. military personnel may also make a one-time purchase of up to a maximum of five, five-Day "Disney's Armed Forces Salute Companion" tickets for $99 per ticket, plus tax, for family members (including spouse) or friends. Although this ticket for family members and friends does not include either the Park Hopper or Water Park Fun & More options, this ticket can be upgraded to add either such option, or both, for an additional $25, plus tax, per option. All tickets and options are non-transferable and must be used by Dec. 23, 2009

.Page 2 -- Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Salute U.S. Military...Ask about the great rates that may be available at select Walt Disney World or Disneyland Resort hotels for active or retired U.S. military personnel during this offer period. For information on the "Disney's Armed Forces Salute" offer at the Walt Disney World or Disneyland Resort, or to make reservations, active and retired U.S. Military personnel may call the ITT office on their base. Information is also available at Other Offer Details:*

Complimentary "Disney's Armed Forces Salute" tickets for the Walt Disney World or Disneyland Resort may be obtained only by active or retired U.S. military personnel, including active members of the United States Coast Guard and activated members of the National Guard or Reservists.*

Please see a participating U.S. military base ticket office for an exchange certificate for the complimentary "Disney's Armed Forces Salute" ticket for the Walt Disney World or Disneyland Resort. The exchange certificate will need to be redeemed for such ticket by the active or retired military personnel at a Main Entrance theme park ticket window. (maximum of 1 such complimentary ticket per service member, regardless of where the exchange certificate is obtained). *

"Disney's Armed Forces Salute Companion" tickets for family members and friends may be purchased only by active or retired U.S. military personnel, including active members of the United States Coast Guard and activated members of the National Guard or Reservists (or their spouses, but not both). *

"Disney's Armed Forces Salute Companion" tickets for admission to the Disneyland Resort can be purchased only at participating U.S. military base ticket offices. "Disney's Armed Forces Salute Companion" tickets for admission to the Walt Disney World Resort can be purchased only at participating U.S. military base ticket offices (including at the Shades of Green Resort at the Walt Disney World Resort), or at Main Entrance theme park ticket windows. *

Military personnel (or their spouses) who purchase "Disney's Armed Forces Salute Companion" tickets for family members and friends at participating U.S. military base ticket offices (including at the Shades of Green Resort at the Walt Disney World Resort) will receive exchange certificates to be redeemed by such military personnel (or their spouses) for tickets at Main Entrance theme park ticket windows (one ticket per exchange certificate).*

The military personnel (or spouse) will be required to present valid military identification (which, for activated members of the National Guard or Reservists, also includes orders showing active status between Jan. 1, 2008 - Dec. 23, 2009 for the Walt Disney World Resort and between Jan. 4, 2009 - June 12, 2009 for the Disneyland Resort) for all ticket transactions (including to exchange and redeem the exchange certificates for the tickets at Main Entrance theme park ticket windows). A valid ID may also be required for admission.*

"Disney's Armed Forces Salute Companion" tickets are limited to five per service member (regardless of place of purchase and whether purchased by service member or spouse) and all five must be purchased at the same time. Accordingly, no service member (or spouse) may purchase "Disney's Armed Forces Salute Companion" tickets at any military base ticket office if that service member (or spouse) previously purchased "Disney's Armed Forces Salute Companion" tickets (whether at that same military base ticket office or at any other military base ticket office or place).*

First day of use of "Disney's Armed Forces Salute" complimentary tickets and "Disney's Armed Forces Salute Companion" tickets at the Disneyland Resort must be no later than June 12, 2009 and tickets expire 13 days after the first day of use or June 25, 2009, whichever occurs first. Last day of use on "Disney's Armed Forces Salute" complimentary tickets and "Disney's Armed Forces Salute Companion" tickets at the Walt Disney World Resort is Dec. 23, 2009.*
Tickets must be used by the same person on any and all days. "Disney's Armed Forces Salute" complimentary tickets may be used only by the service members to whom they are issued. "Disney's Armed Forces Salute Companion" tickets may be used only by the friends and family members for whom they are purchased.*

This offer may not be combined with any other offer.What Will You Celebrate?Military personnel taking advantage of this offer will find even more to celebrate during their stay. Beginning in January, Disney Parks will embrace a newly identified nationwide travel trend called "celebration vacations," in which Americans mark special occasions in their lives with a family vacation. In 2009, Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts ask guests "What Will Your Celebrate?" and lead this growing trend with new entertainment and services that allow guests to turn their personal milestones -a birthday, an anniversary, QuinceaƱera or any special occasion - into magical Disney experiences.-30-

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Happy Birthday Gwyneth Rose!!!

Confessions Of A CF Husband: Birthday Wishes

I started following Gwyneth, Tricia and Nathan's story just about a year ago . And by the grace of God, Gwyneth, who was born at 24 weeks gestation, is celebrating her 1st birthday!

Go on over and wish her a happy birthday!

Evil Vampire

Last night Jerry had to run to Walmart to get a few things for dinner. DJ overheard us talking about it, and started talking about visiting the Evil Vampire.

We couldn't figure out what he meant until he told Jerry: "Daddy, I go with you to the Evil Vampire to get groceries?"

I guess he has figured out what we are talking about when we say that we are going to the Evil Empire.

Darn that code word wont work anymore!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Keep praying for Coleman! Please!

Coleman is in hospice care and with the pain medication being giving through his port is able to relax and be more responsive with his family. Please keep them all in your thoughts and prayers.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Did you know that you still have a chance to see history being made?

President Elect Obama's inauguration team is sending 10 lucky people to attend the inauguration.

You could be there on Inauguration Day as Barack Obama is sworn in as the
44th President.
Ten supporters will be selected between now and midnight on
January 8th to join the inaugural activities. You and a guest could be flown to
Washington, D.C., put up in a hotel, and be part of this once-in-a-lifetime
You do not have to donate to be selected. President-elect Obama is
committed to the most open and accessible inauguration in history.
Tell us
what this inauguration means to you and you could be a part of it.

Now the catch is that you have to donate at least $5.00 to the event, but they claim that they are also giving a few of these chance to people that don't want to donate, or can't donate (which is how I signed up). But it would be pretty neat to see history being made, and being able to witness this history as a guest of the inauguration team.

This is what I put on my entry.

Being a part of this inauguration would mean sharing a part of history with my children, and my third grade students. I work at a 100% free lunch title one school in a lower economic area of Georgia. 95% of my class is African American, and watching President Elect Obama be elected to office, meant a great deal to my students and their families. We talked about the historical significance of the entire election all year, and our class was the election headquarters for the school wide mock election. My class predicted a win for President elect Obama hours before anyone else did, and they were very proud that they were correct. I would be honored to be selected to attend the inauguration in order to be privileged enough to share this event through pictures and words with my students, their families, and indeed the entire community in which I serve. I am a very active photographer and my students and I enjoy learning though experience. I would also be honored to share the experience with my blog readers, who like me, due to financial reasons would never be able to make the trip to Washington DC to see this historic event. I feel that I could share this event through my own eyes with thousands of people, through my teaching, blog, and continued teaching as the years go on. I would be honored to be selected to attend this wonderful historical event.

It may not get me selected, but it is the truth.

Life With My Special Ks: Kellsey's first fundraiser!!!!#links#links

Life With My Special Ks: Kellsey's first fundraiser!!!!#links#links

Go check out Renee's Adoption Fundraiser, to help bring Kellsey home!

Redneck Seafood Dinner

My mom sent this to me for Jerry

Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009 Thursday 13

Now that 2009 is officially here, I think it is time to start thinking about what I want out of the new year. Not resolutions per say, but hopes and dreams.

So here are my Thursday Thirteen, hopes and dreams for 2009.

1. To solve Jerry's medical issues. 'Nough said

2. Sell the house in Florida.

3. Have my students all do well on the CRCT. My students are capable of doing very well on the tests, I just need them to show those test makers what they are made of!

4. Have Kelsey, Natalie, and DJ finish out this school year on a great note, and start next year just as well as they started this year.

5. Get more exercise, I have been seriously lacking in this department lately. The ladies on my hall at school though have suggested doing an exercise group after school, so I am going to try to make it happen.

6. Visit my family. I want to meet Maddox!

7. Knit more (my shawl that I am currently doing is about 1/2 way done).

8. Get out of the house more.

9. Continue going to church regularly.

10. Meet new people.

11. Take more pictures.

12. Explore Georgia, the free and inexpensive things that are out there.

13. Lower our debt.

NYE 2008/2009

Quiet night here, except for a few sparklers that we bought at EE.

Kelsey babysat for her one teacher, so the rest of us enjoyed a quiet night at home. Natalie went to bed around 11:30, DJ stayed up with us, but none of us doing anything super exciting.

Happy New Years!

May 2009 be the best yet!