Tuesday, January 31, 2012

the 1/6th gravity chair with @funky49 #smilemovie #sctweetup

This is Steve, @funky49 on twitter. Steve is a rapper and science enthusiast from Florida. (click here to go to his website!) He is also a really neat person, and let me tell you he can come up with a rap about just about anything!  

This simulator is modeled after one the Apollo astronauts used for moon walk training. The chair is called the 1/6 chair because it is designed to simulate the Moon’s gravitational pull, which is 1/6 that of Earth’s.

For example, a person who weighs 150 lbs. on Earth would weigh 25 lbs. on the Moon. Hence, the chair gives the trainees a realistic feeling of walking in the reduced gravity of the moon.

How much would you weigh if you were on the moon?
(Math equation: your weight (1/6) ).

The Apollo astronauts discovered that walking on the moon isn’t as easy as strolling down the street hear on Earth. There are three different kinds of movements that make walking on the moon a piece of cake. These movements are:

  • The Bunny Hop
  • Side-to-Side
  • Slow Motion Jog

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    Monday, January 30, 2012

    Space Camp Tweetup #SmileMovie Day 1

    Last Wednesday after school I drove about 6 hours northwest to Huntsville Alabama to the US Space and Rocketry Center/Space Camp. I had an absolutely amazing time, some of which is hard to even think about putting into words. We had the opportunity to participate in many of the activities that the campers enjoy when they attend Space Camp. Plus we got to go "behind the scenes" for just that little bit extra. I am going to have to break my trip into several posts over several days, because there really was just too much to try and put into one post. I hope everyone tuned into the movie A Smile As Big As The Moon last night on ABC, if I hear about it being online or returning to tv I will let everyone know for those that may have missed it. You do not want to miss it!

    Thursday morning I woke up to the pouring rain and wondered which of the weather spirits I have made mad that my second Tweetup would also be a very rainy tweetup?!? At least this one nothing could be delayed because of the rain (well except SCUBA, if it started lightening).

    Walking in the gift shop to go and check in this work of art was there to greet us.

    We then went with our Tweep extraordinaire Charity @SpaceCampUSA upstairs in the building to our Charging Station, and this was our sight upon coming out the door.
    IMG_9874 The Underwater Astronaut Trainer, and that is when I knew dreams really did come true.

    The other view
    I mean really could it get any better?


    And the view behind us....

    After dropping off our belongings we went to explore the museum for a little bit before we got started. Rock climbing on Mars.

    Piloting the sims
    Then we got down to business and had our introductions
    And we were off!
    Group photo
    Our mission briefing for Friday's orbital missions
    Next we headed for the 1/6th gravity chair
    IMG_9947 Oh it was so much fun!!!
    And the MultiAxis Trainer
    IMG_9990, honestly as long as you don't move your head you don't feel dizzy when you get off.
    After dinner we had our time in the Underwater Astronaut Trainer, aka SCUBA
    When our group was done with the UAT the other group went in, and we went to the Dr. Von Braun exhibit. IMG_0014IMG_0032IMG_0054

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    Jeffery the Tiger's #SCTweetup #Smile Movie Adventures - scienceesl - Storify

    Jeffery the Tiger's #SCTweetup #Smile Movie Adventures
    Storified by Patty Cleveland
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    Jeffery the Tiger's #SCTweetup #Smile Movie Adventures

    The adventures of Jeffery the Jeffersonville Elementary School Tiger at the Space Camp Tweetup for the premiere of A Smile As Big As The Moon
    1. Jeffery the tiger flew on the Space Shuttle Endeavor for an AOA mission, as well as helped Matt and Trent complete a heat tile repair.
    2. Touring the Dr. Von Braun exhibit.
    3. @Funky49, Steve, left his backpack in Mrs. Cleveland's truck on Saturday morning when he left to go to the airport. Then he blamed it on Jeffery:   @libbydoodle Actually Jeffery the Tiger asked me to leave my backpack behind as a test for the team. WE PASSED! #sctweetup
    4. Jeffery along with the rest of the #sctweetup gang learned about SCUBA diving in the UAT.
    5. Jeffery was the only participant from the #sctweetup who was allowed to try out the simulators at Aviation Challenge
    6. When we were allowed to go into the Mission Control Complex, Jeffery pretended like he was flying in the copula of the ISS.
    7. BJ's car has been on a 49 state tour of the United States, so of course we had to get a picture of that!
    8. One Tired, but happy tiger ready to head back to Jeffersonville
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