Thursday, December 31, 2009

Catch up post~Christmas

I squirreled away money over the last couple of months so the kids could get what they wanted for Christmas this year. DJ's only real wish was a "car with battery that he could ride", we combined the money I had set aside with some of the money from Jerry's mom and got him the "4-wheeler" of his dreams. lol The sad part is this is really the only pictures I took on Christmas. lol

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Catch up post~Halloween Pumpkins

Another catch up post!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Catch up post Halloween

A few pictures from Halloween, I know, I know I am slacking...

Cameron, the zombie football player
Natalie the Vampire princess
Kelsey a vampire something (can you tell Twilight is a big movie at our house?)

Cassidi the troll

DJ the Bumblebee

The group

More detailed diaper bag pictures

Since the light was better this morning I took some more detailed pictures of the diaper bag.

Want a similar one? For a custom made one with your choices of fabric, ribbon, and buttons, will run $30. Totally made with love. :-) Send me an email.

custom made diaper bag

I made this for one of the gals that I teach with who is expecting this spring. :-)

I put in a divider piece that I think works.

There is a baby elephant button in the bow, a baby giraffe near the giraffe patch, and a baby lion by the patch that has all of the animals. The bottom and handles are both from the same fabric, the interior of the bag is green with white polkadots, and the ribbon is white with green polkadots.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

What I made for Christmas presents/new business adventure?

Back in October when the kids and I went to the Apple Festival in Elijay Cassidi (Kelsey's best friend) saw these purses for sale. She loved them and wanted to buy one, but didn't have the money to buy one right then without borrowing the money from one of us. I told her at the time not to buy one because we could make one for less, just buying the material ourselves.

One thing led to another and we never got around to buying the material, until last weekend. Then we decided to make it as her Christmas present. She knew it was coming because I asked her questions to make sure that I made it the way she wanted it. Luckily she told me that she just wanted one and to have fun making it. Not that you can tell but the inside of the bag is patchworked like the bottom and the handles are half red and half white.

While I was at the fabric store I decided to make a Jimmie Johnson one for Cassidi's mom, unfortunately they do not make/sell Jimmie Johnson fabric. So I called Cassidi and she suggested John Deere in pink. Here is the result:

Cassidi and Christie have gotten so many compliments and different people asking if I would make one for them if they paid me that they asked me to make up an order form. So really quick like tonight before they left to go to a family birthday party this is what I came up with: kind of (it wont format right on here)

Fabric Choice 2, color/team/logo
Georgia white background
Georgia Tech yellow background
John Deere Pink
John Deere Green
Tennessee orange background

Tennessee white background

Florida white background

Florida blue background

Georgia red background
Georgia Tech white background
Dale Jr #88

Jeff Gordan #24

Other: specify

Ribbon color

Button style

style inside of bag checkerboard solid panel

style bottom of bag checkerboard solid panel

Jeans provided by customer $0.00 provided by Patty $5.00 extra

If you would like you may purchase and provide your own fabric/ribbon/buttons we will need a yard and a half of two separate styles of coordinating fabric, 2 yards of coordinating ribbon, and one coordinating button

Cost for a pocketbook if you provide the materials for a solid panel inside and bottom is $15, for a checkerboard inside and bottom is $25. For a checkerboard bottom with a solid interior is $20

Cost for a pocketbook if I purchase the materials will depend on the fabric choices, average cost plus labor is $35 for solid interior and bottom, and $40 for a checkerboard bottom with a solid interior or $45 for checkerboard interior and bottom.

Call ###-###-##### to order or email put purse in subject line

Let me know what you think!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Catching up post Willie Wonka and the church

On the Sunday before Christmas the girls were a part of a Willie Wonka play at the church of our neighbors. Natalie has been attending with them for a couple of months, and the girls both were a part of a girl's program there over the summer. Kelsey being the drama queen she is wanted to join in the program. These pictures are the result of the evening. They are not in order though. Oopps
DJ wearing Z's Umpa Loompa hat after the show.
The entire cast singing the final song
Kelsey's on the far left in green, Natalie's on the right in purple, and they are kind of looking at eachother.

Natalie's favorite part I am sure! Dragging selfish Kelsey off the stage. ;)
Kelsey as Veruka begging Chad as Willie Wonka to sell her the Robot that tells the story of the bible in 8 minutes.
Kelsey, wanting to buy Steve (the Robot that tells the Bible story in 8 minutes) from Chad (Willie Wonka) The Ummpa Loompas dragging Noah off stage for being lazy

Zach the head Ummpa Lumpa passing out treats from the ice cream room
Waiting to meet Willie Wonka

Kelsey introducing her character