Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Sisterly love...


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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cinderella~High School Theater at its best~ If you are in the area check it out

Cinderella~High School Theater at its best~ If you are in the area check it out

Kelsey is very involved with the drama program at the High School. She has done techie stuff for both of the plays that have been performed since we moved here, and is loving every minute of it.

This weekend is the cumulation of all of their hard work for the past 3 months or so. 1-2 hours a day after school, until this week, and this week 4-5 hours a day, plus a couple hours on each weekend for the last month.

Anyhow she asked if I would put this out there, so that anyone that may be in the area could come to watch the show.

5/1- Cinderella- Theatre @ 7:00pm
5/2- Cinderella- Theatre @ 7:00pm
5/3- Cinderella- Theatre @ 7:00pm
5/4- Cinderella- Theatre @ 2:00pm

Located at:
401 South Davis Drive
Warner Robins, 31088

Contact: (478)929-7877 for more information, including ticket prices (but if I remember right it is $5 for adults and $3 for kids.)


It was a long day, with trying kids.

I don't even want to relive it for the blog fodder.

Lets just put it this way....

Stick Dude Bangs Head on Wall

Then I get home, get done teaching (for 2 hours, I am back on in a few) and DJ decides to jump on our bed.

Where he proceeded to jump and land directly on my foot, that was flexed with my toes toward the ceiling. I swear it felt like he broke my foot, and it still hurts like a sumabitch.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Busy day

Today was a busy day. Luckily I woke up feeling 1000 times better than I did yesterday.

Which was a really good thing, since I started teaching 3rd grade today.

Oh boy, what an adventure.

It is going to take some getting used to, that is for sure.

I felt like the timing was off all day today, like we didn't have enough time for anything!

The literacy coach came and did the poetry writers workshop with the class this morning, so that saved me there.

Then we went to music, I caught the tail end of that, and they were playing a Spanish themed song with rhythm sticks, and maracas, and a bongo. It was so neat watching them cha' cha'.

When we came back to the room, we had spelling, which I was trying to help them work out since it was contractions. I wanted to make sure that they knew what two words were combined were. So we came to the carpet, wrote all of the words on the board and the two words that were combined to make that word.

The next thing I knew it was time for Media Center.

When we came back it was time for poetry readers workshop. I read them Sick by Shel Silverstein, and another poem. Then we discussed what we know about poems already. I then let them get a partner and they went to read poems that I gave them, and looked to see if the poem that they had "fit" what we said a poem was.

Before I knew it, it was lunch time. Where did the last hour go?????

When we got back from lunch I did our new Read Aloud book, The Trumpet of the Swan. I want to expand on this and make it more than just a read aloud book. I have found a couple of neat ideas for ways to do it on the net, I just need to find the time to fit it in.

After 15 minutes we had computer lab, where they were to do math work.

After computer lab, we were supposed to have break, but it was raining off and on all day, so we didn't get to go outside. Plus they were getting silly, so it took us a while to get out of the computer lab right away. So the time that they got to have a break was about 1/2 of what they were supposed to have.

Oh well.

Math time.


I am not sure that they know their multiplication facts as well as what the old sub believes.

Today we were working with multiplying by multiples of 10 and 100.

Which should have been easy.

But when you go into problems like 6 x 700, and they do not know what 6 x 7 is, you run into problems.

So I think we need to go back and revisit multiplication facts, so that I can figure out what they know and what they don't know.

Before I knew it, it was the end of the day. Whew!

I don't think we had enough time to cover anything the way I would have liked. So it is going to take some tweaking of it all, to get comfortable. The good thing about finishing out the year in the class, is that I can tweak it to my hearts content within certain limits.

Of course, Mondays are the "busy" days. We had specials like every day, plus media center and computer lab.

Jerry and I went out to Longhorn tonight and used my gift card. My gift card was to Olive Garden, but could be used at any of the restaurants that are owned by the same company. Since Jerry doesn't like Olive Garden, and the closest one is in Macon anyway, I looked up where all we could go, and we went. We both had appetizers as our meal, and still left stuffed, plus that way the gift card covered all except 35 cents of our meal. We ended up running to Target to look around and grab a couple of things, since I had the 35 cents, but not much more, and since it was under $1 we couldn't use the debit. We got money and took the gal back a tip, because we felt bad. Jerry said she was shocked that he came back. It still wasn't much, but we felt bad that we had only given her the change that I had in my purse.

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Mother's Day 2008 - Giveaway Event

My entry for the What Motherhood means to me is here

They also have drawings up for The Mother Factor here, and a Kodak ESP 3 All-in-One Printer.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Hours worked today....


Two at Lowes, where I was sick, sick, sick, and one online where I was dizzy, dizzy, dizzy.

Hours spent looking at lesson plans...


Mostly ticked at myself because I know that I can do this, but because I don't feel good nothing is making sense.

I woke up this morning feeling fine. But going to work I started feeling dizzy.

Then once I was at work I got sick. I thought it was a one time thing, and went about my day. About an hour later, I got sick again, right in front of a customer. Talk about embarrassing. The saving grace there was that my department manager happened to be coming outside to bring out the break schedule so she took over, and I went inside.

Then I traded with the gal that was inside. I was sick 3 more times before throwing in the towel and begging to go home. Our admin manager was like yeah get out of here, I was coming out to tell you to go home as soon as we were done here.

I came home and slept for the next 4 hours. Then got up and started looking at these lesson plans. Plus watched the race, while laying on the couch.

In Language arts the class is starting a unit on poetry. With tomorrow's focus being on discovering poetry can be written in a variety of ways, including narratives.

Confused yet?

Yeah me too.

Luckily for me, the literacy coach is coming tomorrow, so I can pick her brain, I think.

Plus we have computer lab, oh never mind that is in the afternoon.

I printed a bunch of poems to take in with me to use.

I just hope that I can sit up tomorrow morning without being dizzy and feeling sick.

And before anyone even thinks it, (because everyone at Lowes said it this morning), NO I am NOT pregnant. It would be the next coming for me to be, since they took out all of that plumbing a year ago.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

What Motherhood Means To Me...

Tonight's post is all about what motherhood means to me.

This post is in honor of: Mother's Day 2008 - Giveaway Event For the next week, they are looking for photos that tell some sort of story of what motherhood means to you. They could be shots of you with your kids, your kids, you own mother, whatever you want.

So this is my entry.

May 2006

This picture, which also happens to be my header for my blog, shows what motherhood means to me. This is a picture of 4 generations of our family. My maternal Grandparents, my parents, my brother Matt and his wife Angela (on their wedding day), and my family. The only person missing this day was my paternal Grandmother, who passed away on March 15th 2006, her presence was missed, but yet felt that day, as jewelery of hers was worn, and the couple dedicated a special tribute to each of the grandmothers that were not there.

Motherhood means to me, being there for your family. Accepting all of the trials and tribulations that your children give you. My mom was my rock when I found myself pregnant at 19, she was there when I had Kelsey, she called me last year when I had my surgery and talked me down from panicking when I was about to have my secondary surgery. Both of my grandmas have supported every decision that I have made in my life, and have been there for me, they may not have agreed with me, but they have let me make my own mistakes.

Motherhood for me means listening when your child needs to talk, needs a shoulder to cry on.

Motherhood means letting go and letting them learn from their own mistakes, but being there to pick up the pieces when they need you too.

Motherhood means late nights, and early mornings.

Motherhood means sloppy wet kisses, and big bear hugs.

Motherhood means knees in the back from your sleeping child.

Motherhood means 102 degree fevers, and a puking child.

Motherhood means watching the first school play, that your child pouts through from stage fright.

Motherhood means beaming with pride as your child plays in their first band concert.

Motherhood means listening to Mary had a little lamb being played 1000 times before you can decipher what song it is.

Motherhood means letting them do their school project that they have had a month to do, on the night before it is due, with as little grief as you can give them. ;)

Motherhood is the smile and the "MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!" with the running child that almost tackles you as you pick them up from preschool.

Motherhood is the teenage daughter that is excited when you show up to have lunch with her in the middle of her freshmen year of school, and introduces you to all of her friends.

That to me is what motherhood is about.

How Matt and Angela honored the Grandma's not here on earth on their wedding day:

Our last visit with my Grandma H.Thanksgiving 2005

My mom and my girls May 2007

My mom and DJ May 2007



As I have said a couple of times, we don't own a scale. But I have walked a lot this week, and I am happy to report that my work shorts for Lowes feel looser this weekend! :)

Starting Monday, I am walking to and from the local elementary school that is about 3/4 a mile away. Plus teaching 3rd grade all day, with a principal that I know is going to be in and out, so I figure I will never sit down. LOL

Progress is progress, hopefully by June I can look skinner than this:Photobucket or this:
saber entrance

Good Samaritan?



Well, maybe.

But I think I just was doing what anyone would do.

Today we had an elderly woman at work, who was acting disoriented.

First, she sat her purse down on one of the plant tables and walked away talking on her phone.

One of the loaders brought it up to me at the register to hold, so nothing happened to it.

Then when she went out to her car she locked her keys in her trunk. So she had to call road side assistance to come out and open the car for her.

When she came back in the store, she looked even more confused, so I asked her if there was anything she needed (at this point I didn't know that she locked her keys in the car). She explained what happened and asked if there was some place she could sit, and the wanted to sit on one of our blue carts.

I cleared a section of one of the end caps out in front, where there was some shade and it is flat so she could sit there.

I talked to her a few more minutes then had a customer so I went and checked them out.

Then I got her a cup of water from our cooler.

I asked all of the other employees to keep an eye on her, because I was worried about her, and I couldn't see her clearly while checking out other customers.

Then when the roadside assistance guy got there and was letting her in the car, I went out and made sure she was OK.

Thats when she called me, her good Samaritan, and her angel. And she gave me a big hug.

I just wanted to make sure she was OK, because she is someones Grandma, and if it was my grandma I would hope that someone took the time to check on her.

But she made me feel good.

Friday, April 25, 2008

What a long day


Today/Friday was a very L.O.N.G. day!

I was called by the sub system about 5 times to sub for one of the ISS teachers at Kelsey's High School. The 5th time I agreed to do it.

I asked Kelsey about it and she thought he was one of the health teachers, but wasn't sure.

So this morning Kelsey and I walked to school together.

I was dressed like I always to, dress pants, dress shirt, tennis shoes (because I learned my lesson on Tuesday about walking in my heels), and carrying a bag with my lunch and my dress shoes.

I get there and it turns out the ISS teacher, is also one of the PE coaches.

I spent the morning walking his PE classes from the main campus, across the soccer field, and the road to the 9th grade academy gym, watching them play for about 45 minutes then walking them back to the main campus; rinse repeat.

Then in the afternoon I took the health classes of the other ISS teacher, over at the 9th grade academy. Luckily before I was going to walk over there, Jerry and DJ pulled up in front of the school to get the ATM card. (He couldn't have timed that again if he tried). So he gave me a ride over to the 9th grade academy. I met Kelsey for lunch, then taught 2 more hours.

Kelsey and I walked home.

I took a quick shower, than I drove over to meet with the long term sub that has been with the class that I am taking over on Monday. She went over how the class runs, the routines, lesson plans, etc. The principal, and assistant principal sat in on the meeting. It was an interesting meeting.

When I left there I had to go into Lowes.

Things are really getting interesting around there.

The "new" manager has managed to run off at least 5 more people in the last 2 weeks. People are not happy with the way that she treats her employees.

I have discovered for myself that she talks to most of her CSA's as if we are lower than dirt, and then tonight when I was working at customer service I overheard the way that she talks to her managers. I don't know how the person that I could hear her speaking to kept their calm.

August, August, August....


Remember last week, when I posted 3rd grade, how I said I was waiting on word from the state board?


Thank goodness!

So now the rejoicing can begin in full force!






It doesn't start till the fall, and of course the principal still has to take it to the school board, but I can relax.

Needless to say I can relax to an extent, I wont truly relax until the first day of school. And I will still have to work all summer at Lowes, and tutor online, but I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Semblance of Sanity: Original ARTWORK for SALE..4 the kids...

My Semblance of Sanity: Original ARTWORK for SALE..4 the kids...

Michelle has another great picture up for sale. Go check it out! Bid on it in memory of Cody, and Julian, bid on it to honor Kennedy, Coleman, and so many others.

Dear Enterprise...

I dislike most car rental agencies, with a good reason. National double charged our credit card back in June of 2003, when we were back to the states for a month long vacation. It took most of our vacation to get the situation solved, and it was a good thing that we were visiting family, and not vacationing in the truest sense of the word, or we would have starved and been sleeping in that rental car.

But once again the car rental places have struck. Go here to Carlos' blog Ragamuffin and read what has happened to him. Link to it if you can!

Thursday Thirteen~vacation places edition

This week's Thursday Thirteen is a theme week edition, all about 13 places that I have visited that I would recommend to others. :)

This one is easy with all of the traveling that we have done, with the Air Force, DoDDS, and just on our own.

These are not in a particular order, just in order of how they came to mind as I was sitting down to do this post.

1. Grand Canyon Growing up in Arizona, I didn't get to go until I was almost a Freshman in college at Northern Arizona University, but I went up probably three or four times a semester while at NAU to make up for it. It is a beautiful natural wonder, and is a must on a visit to the southwest. I never made it to the bottom, but want to do that with the kids as soon as DJ is old enough to make the hike, without having to carry him out. ;)

2. Flagstaff Arizona Smack dab in the middle of the state, it is full of wonderful things to see and do. An added plus is that you can stay here at night and be within many other sites within a few hours. You can go to the Painted Desert, Petrified Forest, Meteor Crater, as well as explore the Grand Canyon, and Sedona. :)

3. Sedona Arizona unless you are made of money, I would stay in Flagstaff and travel down to Sedona through the scenic Oak Creek Canyon highway. Go to Slide Rockand have a relaxing picnic while enjoying the cool waters of Oak Creek. The first time we went to the canyon Slide Rock was a small local hang out. Now it is a big state park, but it is still a nice place to go for a hot afternoon.

4. Maui Hawaii, I was lucky enough to be sent to Maui for a reading conference when I worked for DoDDS. I wish that I could have afforded to rent a car to see more of the island than what I did, but I had a great time, and want to go back. I stayed at at resort in KA'ANAPALI, and our conference room had a huge wall of windows that overlooked the ocean. At night I would take the trolly into Lahania and explored the town's rich history.

5. Oahu Hawaii, here is where being in the military way of life has its advantages. I have a good friend from college that now lives on Oahu, and a couple of friends who have moved there with the Air Force. When I went to go to my conference in Maui, I took a couple of extra days on the way over and visited with my friend from college, who along with his girlfriend at the time took me all over the island, then when he had to leave to go to Korea for a couple of days, left me with his truck and house and a map for the last day I was there before going on to Maui. I went back the following spring and stayed with a friend that we met in England, and again had a great time. With that friend I explored Hale Koa Hotel which is the AFRC hotel/resort on Oahu, but did not stay there.

6. London England. Goes without saying. There are so many things to see and do in London, that it would take several weeks to see it all. I know we didn't manage to visit everything there was in the 8 years we lived in England, and we spent many many days there. Photobucket
PhotobucketYou need really to travel all over the country if you are going to be in England. One of our favorite places to go was to Sandringham, which is one of the Royal houses in Northeastern England Photobucket

7. Dublin Ireland So much history, so much to see and do, so much to drink. Photobucket We enjoyed a night out at Johnnie Fox's the highest pub in Ireland

8. Stonehenge enough said...

9. Frankfurt Germany I didn't get to do as much traveling just to travel in Germany as I would have liked, but there are a couple of places that I would go back to and Frankfurt is one of them.

10. Rhine River Valley, the people,the sites, the wine, the food.

11. Washington DC we spent two days in DC when we were traveling back from England, waiting on our truck to arrive in the states. I wish we would have had more time to spend in the capitol. Photobucket

12. Kannapolis N.C. this was one of my favorite stops in our journey from DC to Florida. Photobucket

13. I would be remiss to not mention where we are living now, middle Georgia. There are many things to see and do here. Macon has the Cherry Blossom Festival Photobucket, Warner Robins has the Museum of Aviation, Photobucketand the Mossy Creek Festival: Photobucket Dublin has the big St. Patrick's day events, Ft. Valley and Byron have the Peach Festival.

So where would you recommend people visit? Share them and link back here and to Thursday Thirteen!

You can learn more about Thursday Thirteen here

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Prius

I seem to be getting a LOT of hits lately from people doing Google searches about Prius problems.

I feel really bad about this, because we have had very little to complain about with this car.

We bought the car in August 2005, after moving back to the United States from England. In that time it has been in the shop to be fixed 5 times. 4 for the same things, and the last two could have been avoided if the dealership in Florida would have done what the dealership in Iowa recommended.

At that time I had teaching job where I was driving 60 miles one way, each day to work. It was the summer after Hurricane Ivan slammed into the Northwest Florida coast. Taking with it many homes and many jobs. Not as big of a news story now, but then in the pre-Katrina world, it was a big hit to Northwest Florida.

DJ and I had come back to the states in April to job hunt, and at that time I discovered how hard it was going to be to find a house. So when Jerry's co-worker told him that they had a house in Florida that we could rent we jumped at it.

Then a few weeks later I was offered a job, at a school on the coast. The only interview that I had gotten while we were still in England.

I jumped at the chance.

From August to May of that year I drove our Prius 120 miles each day, Monday to Friday.

We also drove the Prius to visit my Grandmother who was dying in Iowa, over Thanksgiving.

Then we drove it again to Iowa in March when she passed away.

For the first 2 1/2 years that we owned this car, those are the only times we had problems with it.

Both times we were in Iowa, the weather got down below 25 degrees overnight. The next morning, the car would not start. We were told on the second trip that the problem was with the inverter, and the only true fix was for it to be replaced. Seeing how we lived in Florida, getting down below 25 degrees is not an issue, normally, so the local (Florida) dealership did not want to replace it (who can blame them? Its a couple thousand dollar part, on their bill.)

Fast forward to this past January.

As I was trying to get up to Georgia after the packers came and packed up the house, the temperatures dropped to 18 degrees, the night before I was leaving.

I got up bright and early, and was ready to go, but the car once again would not start.

I called the Toyota service people, who called the local wrecker company to come and "jump start" it. Even though I told them what the problem was.

The wrecker company turned around and towed me down to the dealer.

Now this is where the kicker was, the dealership in Florida tried telling me that the problem was that I had an old battery, and it needed to be replaced.

I let them replace the battery, which of course cost me most of my traveling money.

Prius batteries are not cheap! And of course are not covered under the 100,000 mile warranty.

I left straight from the dealership, picked up the dog, and birds and drove to Georgia.

Upon getting here the car was fine, the next morning not so much. It got cold again, and once again the car would not start. We got it to start enough where we could drive it to the dealership here, and they ended up having to replace the inverter.

A few weeks later is when we had the latest problems with the car. It took them a while to figure out the problem, and with a giant lack of communication between the dealership and us about the time it was taking. But Toyota did fix the problem, and we didn't have to pay, so it was all good.

All in all, the Prius has saved us a lot on gas.

Plus it is friendlier to the environment for all of the miles we put on it.

I would recommend it to anyone that is considering going with a hybrid. I am glad we bought it, and would not get rid of it.

My three great kids~Newer posts below

While I was working on posts dedicated to the girls birthdays. As I was working on it I came across some pictures that I have not seen in a long time.

What a trip down memory lane it was.

Wordless Wednesday

Rid'um cowboy

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I met...

My class that I will finish out the year with today.

It is the class that I interviewed for back in February. You can read the whole thing part one, part two, part three, part four, part five, part six.

The long term sub that has been in the class since October has decided that she does not want to finish out the year, with the class (I am still wondering why she wasn't offered the position, but I know I will never find that out). So the principal called me a couple of weeks ago and asked me if I would do a long term starting next Monday.

Then they called last week asking if I could come in today to sub for the same class.

I didn't know until today that this was the same class. But whatever, its a steady full time sub job until the end of the year.

The principal has hinted that if it worked out I may be offered the position for the fall. I am not sure that is going to happen, so I am not counting on it, or even really hoping for it.

Plus the other teachers told me today that they are figuring on loosing a 5th grade spot for the fall, and they figure that the teacher that will be cut will want the spot I am in.

Plus they are interviewing for a fourth grade spot this week. So I know that one is gone. Unless of course I can talk to the principal asking to be considered for it (which the one fourth grade teacher that I interviewed with at the job fair wanted me to do).

I don't know, the only reason why I would is because the school is a 10 minute walk from the house (I walked today, and plan on walking every day.)

I told Jerry tonight that I am not going to worry about it, because I know I have a job. Not having that drive would be nice, but it is not a bad drive (I am only worried about gas prices). (plus can you imagine the exercise I would get walking every day?)

Anyway the kids a a good group, they tried pushing buttons but what can you expect between yet another new face, and the fact that this week is state wide testing. So they spent the morning in testing (I got to go proctor 1st grade), and then the afternoon was different than normal, due to the testing. They didn't have any problems with following directions, or doing as they were asked. And I didn't let them get away with ANYTHING, so that next week they know that I mean business.

I go meet with the principal later this week to go over her expectations for the class, as far as lesson plans, grades and what not. So we will see what happens then, because that was my biggest question after today. I can not tell what they have covered and what they have not, because there is nothing in the room to show it.

When I asked the teacher next door about it at the end of the day she said that if needed she could do her lesson plans and share them with me for a while, which is great, but then not showing my potential.

Which I want to do, I want to show the principal how wrong she was not to offer me the position in the first place. I plan on being involved and active with everything that I can for the last month of school, and being the BEST long term sub they have ever seen! Since I can walk up there, and home every day, I plan on being there by 7:45 and not leaving until after 4:15, because I plan on making this the best last month of school ever. Its not these kids faults that they have had to have 3 teachers, so I want to be the one that they remember in a good way.

If anyone has any good suggestions for end of the year learning activities for third graders send them my way.

Monday, April 21, 2008

My cousin Glen

My younger cousin Glen ran in the Boston Marathon today!

Here are his results!

Bib Name Age M/F City State Country Ctz *
4317 Fuhrmeister, Glen R. 26 M Iowa City IA USA
Checkpoints 5k 0:22:13 10k 0:44:09 15k 1:05:51 20k 1:27:13
Half 1:31:48 25k 1:48:33 30k 2:10:25 35k 2:31:58 40k 2:53:04

Finish Pace Projected Time Official Time Overall Gender Division
0:06:58 3:02:22 1444 1376 994

Way to go Glen!!!! I hope that you and Aunt Janice had a great time in Boston!

Kelsey's birthday pictures

Here are a few pictures from today.

Natalie and DJ made Kelsey's cake
Making Kelsey's cake

We started a garden today too
Our soon to be garden

Kelsey's cake
Kelsey's cake

DJ and Kelsey
DJ and Kelsey

Someone call the fire department!
Ahhh call the fire department!

Singing Happy Birthday



The rest are here

My Semblance of Sanity: Original ARTWORK FOR SALE...

My Semblance of Sanity: Original ARTWORK FOR SALE...

I encourage you to go and look at, consider bidding on this picture done by Michelle. This artwork is for sale with 50% of the proceeds going to pediatric cancer. This specific piece is 9 x 12" and is done in watercolor pencils on 60lb. paper.

Especially as heaven got another little angel last night, Cody.

Confessions Of A CF Husband: Great News

Confessions Of A CF Husband: Great News

This is such great news! Less than a month post double lung transplant, and she is getting to be released!!

Happy Birthday Kelsey Marie: newer posts below

Edited to add Scroll down to see newer posts. :)

Happy Birthday my precious, beautiful girl.

15 years ago today you came into this world kicking and screaming. And proceeded to give me the workout of my life from then on out! :)

You are the light of my life and I love you more than life itself. Having you at the age I did, meant life was hard, but I would not trade the last 15 years for anything.

At the Hospital and at 3 months

At your baptism, which was also the day your Great Grandparents renewed their wedding vows, for their 50th anniversary.

Being our flower girl, and making sure your presence was known during the wedding.



Being shy at your first school performance (oh boy has that changed!!)

Always looking forward to packages from Grandma and Grandpa



Living life to the fullest while in England




To strutting your stuff at Angu's shower




















Happy birthday baby girl! We love you

cherry blossom festival 011