Saturday, February 28, 2009

No more And the rest of the story

Just saw this on CNN.

Legendary broadcaster Paul Harvey has died at age 90.

Rest in peace Mr. Harvey, you brought smiles to many many people and you will be missed.

With love from Monkey Joe's! Someone Save Me!! ;)

It's loud

Its crowded

And there are more older kids in this place than I have ever seen in all the times that we have been here!

An Idea I saw today about the "stimulus" package.

An idea I saw today about the "stimulus" package.

I saw on Facebook today someone suggest a way that the government could save millions of dollars, and help the rest of us.

The big wig government officials that make big bucks, congress, sentate, cabinet members, etc. can give up a weeks worth of pay.

I mean really they have cut the education budgets to the point where school districts are talking about taking away professional development days (you know those days when teachers get a chance to work together and learn new ways to reach the children that we teach.) And by doing so we loose however many days pay, so why couldn't they do the same?

I mean really if you take the $170,000 a year that they make, and divide it by 52 weeks a year (and we all know they really only work about 5 weeks, kidding, kidding, maybe more like 10 ;) )

They make about $3269 a week.

Then if you take that $3269 times 535 (the number of members of both the house and the senate) that would save the American taxpayers (you and I) about $1,749,038 a year.

Thats almost $2 million that could be saved of taxpayers money. And thats only if congressional members took the cut. Could you imagine if all top government officials did it?

That is money that they could spend to help Military families who have been hit by this mortgage crisis. Beyond their supposed help that they have already approved.

Speaking of that "help", it isn't helping everyone. Heck it isn't going to help the majority of military families. You have to have bought your house before July 1st 2006, we closed on July 7th, 2006. Plus you have to be at a base that has closed. Those of us who were forced to cross train, are out of luck.

Friday, February 27, 2009

News about Jerry

Jerry had an appointment with his primary care doc on base today.

As I said the other day they are attempting to send him to Wilford Hall in Texas where all of the specialists are in one hospital and they can all poke and prod him to their little hearts contents all at once. (evil grin).

When we were first told about this proposition we figured he would go by himself. Because typical Air Force protocol would call for it. Like when he went to Germany for medical tests, when we were in the UK, he went alone. I could have gone, but we would have had to pay out of pocket for both of our airline tickets (his because he wouldn't have gone on the Medvac.)

But his doc here has filed the paperwork for me to travel with him. She put on there that he was just released from the hospital and should not travel on his own. Which is true, we just didn't think it would matter. The bonus here is that I don't have to hear answers to all of the medical questions over the phone, or Jerry's interpretation of the answers, I can get them myself.

So now I have a letter that I get to take to the boss on Monday and talk to her about. Probably at least a week, if not two or three out of work, before CRCT, with budget cuts coming, I am scared. I have at least a week of sick leave left, maybe a couple more (is it bad that I don't know exactly how many days I have been out, I just know its less than 5?)

I know that the interim superintendent told me on Monday when I let her know that Jerry was in the hospital that family comes first, but I can only pray that she still says that when she finds out I may be out for a week to two weeks before CRCT. Add to that the fact that we don't know when we will go. It could be as soon as next week (I hope not, really, because we asked if my dad can come over and keep the kids.)

I am nervous, both about the trip, and about asking for the time off from work.

If you can send us positive thoughts and prayers, including thoughts and prayers that my school/district will be understanding and supportive with this (especially since we are getting ready to rent a house out close to the school) and that this time away wont cost me my job, I sure would appreciate it.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Long but pretty good day

At least compared to lately.

We had our third grade program for the PTO. My class didn't have quite as big of a turn out as what I had hoped for, but a pretty decent turn out.

Before our winter break I asked the kids what they wanted to do for the performance, and threw a couple of ideas and then let them choose.

They decided that they wanted to all choose an African American from history, and then pretend that they were that person. Pretty much introduce themselves as that person and then say a few facts about that person.

And if I do say so myself, they did a great job!

We had Will Smith, Guion Bulford, Maya Angelou, Ma Rainey, Muhammed Ali, Arthea Franklin, Queen Latifah, Rosa Parks, and George Washington Carver. The kids all dressed up in character, and just did a great job!

How Normal Are You?

You Are 60% Normal

Otherwise known as the normal amount of normal

You're like most people most of the time

But you've got those quirks that make you endearing

You're unique, yes... but not frighteningly so!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Why does Marine One need a kitchen?

I was just reading this, and it says that Marine One, the helicopter that President Obama flies from the White House to Andrews and back again, has a kitchen....


I mean its like a 10 minute flight, isn't it?

Really, shouldn't the President of all people be grown up enough to either eat before he leaves home, or be able to wait until Air Force One is at cruising altitude?

Heck I am not sure I can even understand why it needs a bathroom, but I supposed if it can go 800 miles, a bathroom might be necessary. But a kitchen? Give me a break.

Playing with Picnik"> src="" />
From Our'>">Our life as an Air Force Family

Spent time doing mind numbing playing with pictures on Picnik this weekend.
From Our life as an Air Force Family

Monday, February 23, 2009

Jerry Update #9

He is home....

His potassium levels this morning was a 3.1 so they gave him another IV, then they said he could come home.

Of course all his Lt. cared about today was that he was missing an appointment. Um dumb ass I think he had a good excuse considering no thanks to your dumb ass, he could have died. Because if the LT. would have had his way, Jerry wouldn't have been at the clinic Friday morning, where they rushed him to the ER. The LT would have rather had him at work passed out on the floor until someone found him after they all went to do PT.

Can you tell I am not impressed?

Now the shirt wants to come by the house tomorrow for a "visit". Yay! Not. Not that I am worried, cause the house is clean, not spotless, but clean.

If he wants to "hear" what I think about the squadron/group at this point I am going to tell him to come read my blog.

The other news is that the Tricare casemanager is not impressed (finally) with the level of care that Jerry has had off base, and the lack of actual testing to try and figure out the problem, instead of just treating the symptoms. So she is working on getting him sent to Wilford Hall at Lackland. Which means more time out of the shop, which will just piss the Lt and his supervisor off more. But what ever. Of course he will go to that by himself, because we will be doing good for them to pay for him to go over to Texas, there is no way they will pay for me to go.

The Patchwork Path, Freedom Quilt, by my class

Here are the pictures from my class' Freedom Quilt that we made based on the Patchwork Path

Sunday, February 22, 2009

February Storms

Pictures from our storms on the 18th before it got to dark outside to get good pictures. This is the storm cell that funnel clouds were seen both west and east of us. I didn't see anything here at the house, but the pressure was funky because my ears were popping.

And then playing with Picnik
From Our life as an Air Force Family

Jerry Update #8

I just talked to Jerry, he is getting the IV right now, (its been running for a while). So we will see where his potassium is at in the morning.

The shirt just called and checked on him, for the first time since Friday. Good thing he's not dying. Oh wait I guess if he was the hospital probably would have called the base before they called me. Or else they would expect that I would have called them and told them. NOT SO MUCH, especially at this point.

No I am not impressed with the squadron right now. Not that it matters, because I am just a lowly spouse.

Jerry update #7

Well Jerry's potassium levels dropped over night from at 3.2 (which was almost high enough to come home) to a 2.8. They were talking about restarting the IV this morning, but had not done it when I was there. I "think" that they are waiting to see what his afternoon labs look like. But either way it wont be today that he comes home.

On of the nurses did ask him if the doctor was going to move him to a different floor, I guess she doesn't think he needs to be on the immediate care floor any more. But Dr. B didn't say anything to Jerry about moving him.

Oh and his blood pressure was back up this morning, 170/116. Not cool

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Jerry update #6

They have stopped the iv's, and are going to see if his potassium level stays stable overnight and if so he should be home tomorrow.

They let him walk around the floor before DJ and I went back up to see him. Which is an improvement, since yesterday/this morning he couldnt get out of bed.

He said that his blood pressure was back up to what is normal for him (150-165/90) the last time that they checked it, so raising his potassium didn't really help that, nor did changing the meds that he was on.

A new favorite website

Last weekend at the Great Outdoors show, we were given a card, and show live feed from It has become a favorite site for DJ and me. They have a free live stream that you can go and watch. We love watching the deer, but you can also see lots of other wildlife.

We only look at the free stuff so far, if we can ever sell the house in Florida and have a few extra dollars I think we will get the membership.

Go check it out.

Jerry update #5

I was there (with the kids lol) today when the doctor stopped by.

He said that there is a couple of things that it could be, mostly dealing with his kidneys. His suggestion for now is to get Jerry up to normal and then check his potassium 2 times a week for a while. Then do the tests to see if it is the tubuals in his kidneys not functioning due to his years of drinking, or if it is a genetic condition. According to him the tests are some what invasive and he wants to wait a bit no matter what.

So we are in a holding pattern.

They have/had stopped the IV, but left the catheter/ports in his arm in case they need to start it again. When the kids and I left Jerry wanted to take a shower, and actually stood up for the first time since he laid down at the base clinic yesterday. They had just taken blood again at 2, and the nurse was waiting anxiously for the results, but from the sounds of it and from what the doctor said they weren't high enough to send him home.

We do now know that it will be at least tomorrow before they release him to come home. He is ready now, but they aren't ready to do it.

Jerry Update #4

Just got home from visiting Jerry. His potassium is up to a 2.1, it has to be a 3.5 before they will send him home. So maybe tomorrow some time.

I think the doctors are back to treating the symptoms and not finding the problem. They are just giving him potassium every which way they can, IV, liquid, food etc. They have not run any tests other than 2 EKGs, xrays (which showed he has bronchitis on top of everything else), and the labs that check his potassium.

Which is all good, but none of that shows us what is causing him to loose potassium to such a great degree, nearly fatal degree. I hung out for about 3 hours this morning hoping the doctor would come by so that I could hopefully get some answers, but noone came by.

I have also decided that Jerry is in the least family concerned squadron in the Air Force.

At Lakenheath and at Eglin both when Jerry was TDY someone called at least once in a while and checked on us. When he was sent to Germany to check out what the deal was with his blood pressure, they called almost daily just to see if we needed anything. When he was at Eglin and got put in the hospital they called, they stopped me on the road, they stopped by the house with dinner. When I was in the hospital from my surgery they came by the hospital, both times and checked on me, plus checked on and helped Jerry and the kids.

Here, nothing.

At least since Lt. G left. When Lt. G was in the flight, and Jerry was in the hospital, he called 2 to 3 times a day, and checked on the kids and I. He offered to bring dinner by, he offered to take the kids home with him for the night (which I turned down because they were expecting twins at the time). He stopped by the hospital several times, even took Jerry his laptop to watch movies on. The new LT? Not so much! Considering I couldn't even tell you what the new LT. looks like or sounds like, and he has been in the flight since September, I think the only person he is concerned about is himself. I know he likes bragging when he causes his enlisted to get in trouble with the shirt/commander, he has made the mistake of doing it loudly when people are on the phone. I don't think he is someone that I really want around my kids anyway. But wouldn't he be a better officer if he showed some compassion, some care for his enlisted members when they are in the hospital? Or even if he showed some care and compassion for their family members by picking up the phone and calling to see if they needed anything.

Jerry has been in the hospital twice now since Lt. G left. The only person that calls to check on us is Jerry's NCOIC (kinda sorta, they are both the same rank) J. J called here yesterday rioght before I called the shop to let him know that the ER was admitting him, to find out what was going on. Then he called last night to see if we knew anything new.

Jerry has had three visitors to check on him, the shirt yesterday, and J and E (J's wife) today.

But has anyone from the squadron called me and checked on the kids and I? No.

I know that I let my pride get in the way and don't ask for help. I know if someone says what can I do? I tend to say nothing, because I am not used to leaning on anyone else. But I also know had someone from the squadron shown up in December with food, or to clean house with me, or just to take the kids for a few hours, I would not have turned them away. Hell if someone from the squadron showed up last night and said let the kids come out to dinner with us, I would have been all over it.

I am not saying that I want someone to take over around here, but just a show of support and a hey we are here if you need us would be nice.

Especially since it seems like all they want to do here is point fingers and blame everyone else, and they don't seem to ever want to help the people/members/families in trouble.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Jerry update #3

Just talked to Jerry on the phone.

His potassium is still at 1.8 (I think thats right), which is still dangerously low. Especially given how much potassium that they have given him today.

I told him that tomorrow he needs to insist that they run all of the tests that they have ran over the last year again, and see if since he has stopped drinking they can see something that they missed before.

Andersonville part 3

Jerry update #2

or I should say non-update.

Everything is still the same.

By the time I took up Jerry's medicine they had figured out everything he is on, and what not.

I told him to call if he needs anything, and unless he calls I am home for the night. I will go up straight up there in the morning to see if I can catch one of the docs.

Jerry update #1

Jerry has been officially admitted to the hospital's ICA unit.

He is in room 415 for anyone that is local. He can have visitors, just don't expect him to be too awake.

When I left they had just given him all of his meds at once, so it will be interesting to see if he keeps them all down. They also gave him two doses of liquid potassium, plus started running another bag of potassium in his iv.

I am in agreement with Jerry's mom they had better not release him this time until they figure out what the deal is.

Jerry is back in the hospital

Just a quick note to let you know that Jerry is back in the hospital.

He had went to Dr. B, the hypertension doctor, yesterday, and happened to mention about his gout in his foot. Well the doctor gave him a shot, and said that it would really kick in about midnight and that it would cause muscle fatigue. Sure enough about 11, he started feeling really weak, couldnt lift his legs without pain, had to have me help him sit up. I asked him if we needed to go up to the ER, but he thought it was from the shot. Then this morning he could barely get out of bed, and just felt horrible. I literally had to push him so he could stand. He went to the clinic to see Dr. P on base thinking that he was having an adverse reaction to the shot, they (Dr. A and E) sent him by EMS to the hospital because his blood pressure was 170/116, and they didn't have the capabilities to deal with a reaction to the shot.

Once at the ER they did blood (after I had been there for a while), where they discovered that his potassium was at a 1.4, which is lethal and causing the muscle weakness. The hypertension doctors partner came and saw him before I came home to check on the kids, they are admitting him to the ICU/ICA, just waiting on a room. The doctor said he will be there at least till tomorrow probably Sunday or Monday.

We were supposed to have a family team meeting today to put things in place, but that is on hold until late next week, I have to call the lady on Tuesday to see when we can reschedule it, she doesn't want to schedule it until we know how Jerry is.

Jerry was also supposed to have a letter into the commander about everything, by Monday. I am not sure how that is going to get done if he is in the hospital. I can write it, but it wont be in Air Force format, so I dont think it would do us any good. I guess I am at the point where if it has come to all of this, the commander/shirt don't care about what led to all of the trouble.
I will let you know more about Jerry when I know it.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Andersonville part 2

The Northgate Stockade.

One can only imagine what it would be like locked inside these walls.

When you look up this is all you see.

Not being able to look out and see loved ones.

A place with such bad living conditions even the guards got sick.

Its beautiful today, but as Jerry said, I am surprised those trees grew down there. Thats where the laterines were, and in the cramped living conditions the closest tents of the prisioners were about 5 acres away.

Natalie looking for snakes. The sign behind her says Stay out, with a picture of a diamond back.

DJ just being DJ.

This is a spring which the ledgend says sprouted up with lightening hit the hillside 3 times in the same place. At the time the prisioners and guards alike at Andersonville, were sickened and dying from lack of fresh water. Whether or not the spring arising like it did was from divine intervention, or just because the spring broke through from where it had been buried when the built the stockade no one knows.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dear Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,

I am not sure who you are, so I don't know how to respond. Perhaps next time you wont do it as an anonymous comment, so that you can get responses.
Perhaps if you see this you will grace me with the knowledge of your name so that I can try to repsond to your own blog post that you did on my comment section.

Andersonville POW museum and prision site

On Sunday after we left Perry, we just went driving. Jerry wasn't in the mood to head home. Since we weren't that far away from Andersonville, and the road he pointed me down lead there, thats where I took them. Here are just a few of the pictures we took. Look for more to come later in the week.