Sunday, October 04, 2009

Help Save Luke AFB

Luke AFB in Glendale is a major training base for fighter pilots. It’s been operational since just before World War II. More than half of the Air Force’s fighter pilots and 90 percent of its F-16 pilots have trained at Luke.

But now Luke’s future is in doubt.

The military plans to deploy a new F-35 jet fighter, built by Lockheed Martin, to replace the F-16. Luke is one of several bases under consideration to provide that training. It stands a good chance of being selected, but if it isn’t - Luke could be closed.

I’m asking you to express your support for Luke AFB as a training base for the F-35.

These are extraordinarily difficult economic times. There will be direct benefits to residents and businesses in the West Valley, metro Phoenix area and the state if Luke AFB becomes an F-35 training base.

1. The annual economic impact of Luke to the state’s economy is over $2 billion (comparable to the state hosting four Super Bowls each year).

2. Luke provides 6,000 military and civilian jobs, hosts 15,000 military family members and serves about 80,000 retired military members living in the metropolitan area.

3. The F-35 mission would bring with it decades of sustainable recession-proof economic benefits to the Valley and state of Arizona.

If you want to help persuade the Pentagon to select Luke AFB for the F-35, click on the website below. You’ll find the names of thousands of your neighbors who have already expressed their support. Join them, please. It takes only about a minute.
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