Monday, April 02, 2012

My White House Tour #WHTweetup

While on the actual White House Tour, you are not allowed to take pictures. Sigh.... 
Which means I have no photographic proof of my brush with fame! I ran into a member of the first family in the East Wing! 
I was looking at the various photo collages along the wall, I was looking at the collage of the First Animals, and I stepped backwards to allow others to get in closer. As I stepped back I bumped into someone. I turned to say that I was sorry, and didn't see anyone so I looked down thinking "Oh no! I stepped on a kid!" Nope not a kid. It was however an adorable Portuguese Water Dog, named Bo. Yes I ran into the First Dog! :-) It didn't even phase him, as he kept on trotting down the hall with his handler/secret service person. I said I was sorry, and hi to Bo and kept on going. I am sad that I couldn't take a close up picture with this member of the First Family though! ;-) There were people on the tour that didn't even see Bo go right by them, and others that had no idea who they were seeing. 
 Once you go out the front you can take pictures on the grounds. So here I am standing on the North Side of the White House. 
Fellow tourists

 When I left the White House I walked over to the official Visitor Center to get signed up for the Park Service lesson plans. However I was met with this:
It turns out that someone illegally parked at white van at 15th and E, and this caused a security alert. We had to stand and wait to be cleared to go any further. 

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