Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sell This Home Extreme Looking for Military Family Candidates

Folks, we use the blast email to our subscribers very rarely but felt like this would be an exceptional opportunity for up to three military families / homeowners.    Mr. Charlie Frattini, co-host of A&E TV's "Sell This House Extreme" has contacted VR SAM to identify Military Families in the Miami or Tampa areas, and San Diego or LA areas, to participate in a free extreme home makeover to be run in three episodes in the June and July 12 timeframes.   No, it's not a joke.   Mr. Frattini is a former Marine, a construction professional, and wants give back to the military community in appreciation for all you do.   The makeover is paid for by donations.
The criteria for selection is:
Military Family homeowners with a deployed spouse that may be having difficulty selling their home.   The extreme makeover would be an effort to modernize and improve the home to increase the home's value to help the sale.   If you are among the finalists you may be required to substantiate the need.    
This link takes you to the "Sell Your House Extreme" site where you can review previous episodes and read about the show and co-hosts.   If you meet the criteria and are interested in participating, please respond to the following email with very brief details and contact information.     We will need the address, point of contact / homeowner, phone number and email address, and confirm your spouse is currently deployed.    All information will be kept private and sent directly to the Mr. Frattini.   The selections will be made by the network.   http://www.aetv.com/sell-this-house/
Respond to:  homesformilitary@vrsam.com   and good luck!  
Joe and Deb, VR SAM

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