Friday, September 12, 2008

sticky post~Can you help Ruthie or know someone that can?~

My friend over at Be This
posted today looking for help for her friend Kim and Kim's daughter Ruthie.

BTW says:
Ruthie has been diagnosed with hypogammaglobinemia, an immune deficiency disorder. The rare disease is responsible for her asthma, eczema, and severe allergies, and means she hardly ever gets to leave home - and never without a boatload of medications.

Ruthie has an appointment with a team of doctors in Denver later this month, but getting there is a problem. Flying commercially puts Ruthie at great risk for illness, and she likely needs to be fairly healthy for her Denver evaluation.

So, I’m asking bloggers to you please write your own story, or link back to this one or the TV spot. And I’m asking everyone to pass the word.

Pretty please?

If you would like to help Ruthie get to her September 24th doctor’s appointment, you can e-mail Kim Clements at

So if you can help Kim and Ruthie, please email Kim and let her know. Or if you can't personally help, but you think that maybe one of your own readers might be able to help please blog about this to your readers!
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