Saturday, September 27, 2008

No longer undefeated

It was a hard fought game tonight between Kelsey's football team and the other team, but we lost by a landslide.

We lost momentum in the second quarter after an onside kick (that I think was a mistake on the part of our kicker, but am not 100% sure on that). Quickly the score went from being us up 6-0 when I got there at the end of the first quarter, to being a 30 point ball game at the half with the other team in the lead.

Our boys were able to bring it around and get back in the game, but for every good drive they put together, the other team had an answer. Several plays should have gone different, but little mistakes turned into costly ones. They kept it a 30 point game, but for every big play we had, they had one to answer with.

On the way home Kelsey was trying to disect where the break down was, and it all kept coming back around to one mistake that kept getting repeated, over and over, and over. The other things that Kelsey thought were problems (she said he had a hero complex, lol), when we talked it out she was able to see that the kid was doing what he needed to do. I feel for him though, because I think he is the type from what I have seen and heard of him, that he is going to take the loss to heart, and take the blame as his own. Hopefully the coaches will see what I saw from the stands and be able to show him in Kelsey's tapes that yes there were a couple of things he could have changed, but nothing that would have fixed the loss.

The boys played their hearts out, and for the most part never gave up, never gave in. And even in the face of fighting by the other side, kept it together enough to keep themselves out of big trouble. I think for the most part they can be proud of the game.

I had a good time, it was a needed night away from everything, even if it wasnt about me. I sat, I mean stood and yelled, with one of the other teachers from my school, who has taught at the school long enough that some of her first students are on the varsity team, and then Kelsey's friend Z's family. We were the LOUD group. Kelsey said she could see us jumping up and down making fools of ourselves from across the field. But thats what the boys needed, they needed to know that we weren't giving up and neither should they. We even managed to get some of the cool headed momma's involved in our chants and cheers. (huge grin)

Next weeks game is a long drive for us. I am planning on going down for it, so that I am not driving out to school at 3 in the morning to get Kelsey. I told Z's mom to let Z's girlfriend know, so if she wants to go (she normally doesn't go to the away games, but she only lives about 5 miles from us) she can.
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