Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The latest in the Jerry Medical saga

Jerry had an appointment last week, where he was told that all of his numbers were holding steady. They gave him a new prescription for iron, that once again Tricare doesn't cover.

Then today he had an appointment with his case manager at the clinic on base.

Who dropped a big bomb on him.

They are refering his case to the medical review board, who will decide one of a couple of things.

They can say that he is "fit to fight", where everything is status quo.

They can say that he has enough time in service and is healthy enough to continue to work for the military in a limited capacity until his retirement date (December 2011). Which he thinks in his case would be to put him back into his old career field since the DEPO is here at Robins, and is non-deployable.

They can say that it is a preexisting condition and kick him out (very unlikely, but stranger things have happened.) In this case he would loose everything.

They can medically retire him, with 20% pay.

Jerry is really worried and upset about all of this. The only thing I could say was it is out of our hands, but I am worried too. If the military kicks him out over this, we will loose everything.

I know that all we can do is hope and pray for the best, but it is really hard with the worst staring us in the face.
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