Monday, September 15, 2008

DJ and the football game

DJ only knows one of the kids on our football team's name.


Z stands out, for a good reason, let's just say he is the tallest on the team.

Plus Z is in Kelsey's bio class, so they are friends.

Friday night after the game, as Z was walking to the locker room, DJ ran up to Z and said:

"Z that was AWESOME!!!"

Well he was right about that! We won 24-21, against a team that talked smack all week long in the press. Plus it came down to the last 0.5 seconds in the game. Talk about a thriller.

Way to go Cobras! In the immortal words of DJ: That was awesome!

I forgot how much I love watching high school football, until the past couple of weeks. They go out and leave it all on the field, and as a spectator you can just feel it all.
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