Tuesday, December 02, 2008

2 1/2 hours...

Thats how long it took the maintence men to fix our clogged kitchen pipes.

They snaked the washing machine drain.

They snaked the kitchen sink drains.

They snaked both vents on the roof.

And they snaked them all again, before they had sucess. But the head guy is afraid that they didnt get it all, and that we may be calling him again before the week is out.

We had this same problem about 6 weeks ago, and we thought we could fix it ourselves, until I decided on Friday that I had enough and called it in. I hate calling the maintence people in! Mostly because you have to wait forever for them to show up, plus you have to make sure that they house is picked up, and the cupboards are cleaned out, oh and the floor is mopped, just so they can tromp in mud and muck, and over flow the drains even more in their process of elimination.

At least the two that came out this time were nice, and helpful, plus they petted Tigger which made him like them.

BUT 2 1/2 hours?!?
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