Sunday, December 07, 2008

Its been a week

And not a good week, in the least.

Jerry was in the hospital again... Still has his surgery scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, but we still don't have any new answers.

The rental company is saying that they don't want to renew our lease, and the first shirt etc are all involved due to said trip to hospital, and other crap. So we may be moving before Christmas at this rate, as our lease is officially up on the 19th.

I missed 3 days of work, only one of which was due to Jerry being the hospital, and 2were for work things, but it still made for a bad work week.

We have decided that we have to get rid of Roo. We can not get her house broken, and there has been too many accidents and too many times when she has not been put away to keep her from having an accident in the house. Anyone with a large yard, with a tall fence want a dog? She is sweet enough, she just needs to be able to be outside all the time, and with us, she can't be.
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