Thursday, December 25, 2008

DJ's description of the children's service

Christmas Eve, I took DJ to the children's service at the local Catholic Church (more on that to come later this week).

On the way there he asked what we would be doing there.

The best way to explain it to him for me was to say we were going to sing songs, listen to stories, and pray.

He did a pretty good job sitting through the service. A bit ansy, but since it was the children's service, 90% of the kids there were antsy. He won the hearts of the 3 older people sitting behind us, they gave him pepermints for sitting quietly.

After we got home Jerry asked DJ about church. Dj said, it was good dad! We sang lots of songs. Then we got to listen to little kids tell us stories. Then they put on a play! With angels, shepards, Mary and Joseph, a baby, and SHEEP! I wanted to be a sheep, but mommy wouldnt let me. Then we sang more songs, and I got bored.
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