Sunday, December 21, 2008

A visit with Santa

Santa came to Jeffersonville on Friday and gave each of my third graders a book. I asked Santa if he had a minute to visit with DJ so I could get a picture. Santa said DJ is one of his favorite little Cobra's, and he would be disappointed if he missed him, so I ran down to the Pre-k and got DJ from his party. The funniest part is I didn't realize that the Santa that came to see the third graders was different than the one that had been there for the pre-K in the morning. I thought DJ's strange look was because he realized how much Santa looked like Mr. P from football season. Turns out he was trying to figure out how Santa gained so much fluff, and changed skin tone since the morning. LOL But he went with the flow, and promised to leave him milk and chocolate chip cookies on Christmas!

And this is my friend Sherri, with Santa! :)

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