Monday, December 08, 2008

Jerry's procedure

We are home from Jerry's procedure.
Dr. Sehgi did not put in the stint, he said after that it would have been a waste. He believes that Jerry has a hetial hernia (sp), and a shortened esphogus, which in turn is causing his stomach lining to come up his esphogus. He said that normally the surgeon would go in and pull his stomach down, then close his diaphram, but with the shortened esphogus the first time Jerry bent to pick something up everything would just go back to where it was to start with.

He said that Jerry needs to have a specialized surgeon go in and do the surgery, where they actually turn part of the stomach into part of the esphogus, then correct the hernia. The best guy is down at the Mayo clinic in Jacksonville, which is who he recommends Jerry goes to for the surgery. Because he said if the surgery is messed up, then it causes more problems than what we already are dealing with.

So now the fight begins with Tricare to get them to let the referral go to the Mayo Clinic.

Jerry has to have a digestive study done in the next couple of weeks, and another endoscope/dilation done in a month (they dialated his esphogus 1.5 cm today). But thats where we are at right now.
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