Friday, March 20, 2009


I am so ticked off at my camera right now I can't think straight! This morning when we were wacking the pinata it just stopped working. The LCD screen was still on, but it wouldn't take any pictures. So I tried turning it off, no dice the LCD screen stayed on. So I pulled the battery, which succeeded in turning it off, but then it would not turn back on. I thought the battery might be dead, even though it had said that the battery was fully charged, so I went in and charged it. It took over an hour to charge, so I was thinking no problem thats what the problem was.
Nope! It would not turn back on for anything I tried. I was in tears I was so upset. Finally I pulled the memory card, battery, lens everything and let it sit for a bit, and it started working, for about 5 pictures (random in my classroom, just cause pictures.) But then it did it again. AHHHHHHHHH
Got it to work again, took the pictures of the cabbage patch for our weekly update.
Went to the new house, took pictures there.
Came home to download the pictures, only to have it do it again. Not only that, but the memory card decided not to download everything, and of course I had hit to erase the memory card when it was done.
So I lost this week's cabbage patch update, plus a couple of cute pictures from the new house.
I am ready to toss this camera across the street!!!! I know I have had it for 3 years, and I know that it has not given me one ounce of trouble before this, but damn it!!!!
I am going to try my old memory card to see if using that solves the problem (it was one of the suggestions out there on the web.) Please if there is any hope let this work! Military Ball is tomorrow and I need my camera to get a picture of Kelsey in that dress dang it!
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