Friday, April 17, 2009

Ingredients to make a happy 13th birthday.... simply


1. 1~ 13 year old girl
2. 1~ High School Senior Football God

Step one:
Have 13 year old on the phone with a friend in Florida for her birthday.

Step two:
Have football god come up to house, scare the 15 (almost 16 year old sister) by whispering through the open front window: "psst hey!"

Step Three:
Have almost 16 year old open front door and both girls scream OH MY GOD! Have Football God, laugh his head off, hug said birthday girl, sister, and little brother.

Step Four:
Have mother and father come rushing into living room. Mother realizing that someone is at the door, wondering who surprised 13th birthday girl. Father thinking something has happened to one of the creatures that live in our house (animals).

DJ's "hero" Z stopped by the house tonight right before we did cake, to see if we wanted to buy a dinner plate from the church youth group. Just so happened that its Natalie's birthday, so she got hugs. Considering she and her middle school friends all have major crushes on him, it made her day.
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