Monday, April 27, 2009

Prom picture prices!

Today at school I noticed that there was an invitation to prom and a prom picture price list.

Well being the good mom that I am, with a daughter that is attending the prom I thought I had better take a look at those prices to see what we are looking at in just under two weeks.

I about passed out on the floor of the teacher's break room!

The least expensive prom picture package was $40! And that is not even a decent sized package. The most expensive package was almost $100!

I am not impressed. Not with the company doing the pictures, not with the school for arranging for this company to take the pictures. In this economy who can afford those prices?

I told Kelsey that I will gladly take pictures for any of the friends that she has that are going to the prom and dont want to pay those prices. I figure I can do just about as good of a job, if not better (than some of the work I have seen by this company), for a heck of a lot less money.
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