Saturday, April 04, 2009


What can I say about Texas?

The purpose of our trip was a complete waste of time. Thats what I can say about Texas. Let me just get that part out of the way right now.

We spent a total of 80 minutes at the hospital on Lackland, only to be told that the doctor, the supposed "top" interist in the military thinks that the tests that have been run here are enough. The military spent over $3000 to get us there, for the doctor there to not even run a single blood test. I am not sure why we even needed to be there considering he barely even looked at Jerry, and was not listening to what we had to say about how Jerry has been feeling.

We got to hear a lecture about making sure he takes his medicine regularly. Oh and he listened to his heart, lungs, and looked in his eyes and ears, but that was it for a real exam. But that was it.

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! I am not very happy with them.

The only good part about our trip was that my youngest cousin Lynn graduated from BMT Friday (we missed the ceremony by minutes while trying to find out where it was located). My Aunt Cindy, Uncle Jerry, Cousin Jeff and his wife Ashley were all in town for that. :) After many phone calls and text messages to family both in Iowa and in California (Thanks Matt and Glen!) I managed to get a hold of them and we were able to spend some time Friday night with Aunt Cindy, Uncle Jerry, Jeff and Ashley. Then Saturday morning we had to go on base to get a nonavailabity letter for the hotel so we ran by the reception center and saw Lynn while she was waiting on them to pick her up for the day.

I will post pictures of the Riverwalk, the Alamo, and Seaworld later on this weekend.
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