Sunday, May 19, 2013

All the little details

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Just a post about the little details that made my grandparent's anniversary party a success. 

My cousin Ann, made this wonderful cake. 
The cake table, with the family tree I made, as well as family pictures from across the years. 

Picture display from through the years, that my mom, Kelsey and I did.
The mechanic at the garage my grandpa uses figured out the days and meals for 70 years of marriage, so we had to include it. 

The picture on the top of this one is of my grandparents shortly after Grandpa returned from WWII with my oldest uncle and their oldest Fuhrmeister nephew. The bottom left picture is grandpa and Kelsey the June after she was born and we were there for their 50th anniversary, when they renewed their vows and Kelsey was baptized. The bottom right picture is grandma and grandpa with Kelsey, Codey, Natalie, and Bridget, the oldest four great grandchildren, Christmas 1996 (I know the date, because it is the Christmas before we moved to England, and Natalie is a baby. lol).  

The tribute picture for my Uncle Bobby

The picture board of my grandparents travels through the years. They have visited all 50 states, plus several countries, including coming to visit us in England. 

My aunt turned their cream can into the card holder for the weekend. The picture on the front is of their farm in West Branch. 

For their 40th anniversary, my mom made them a quilt with help from everyone else in the family. All of us that were a part of the family at the time had a square on the quilt. This was mine. 


It is a queen sized quilt. :-) My cousin Lynn wasn't an official member of the family yet, so for Saturday they put a picture of her and Ben. (She was born that fall). 

The amazing cupcakes that my aunts and cousin made.

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